Monday, September 8, 2008

Ready to pick up my last stride

Nearly 3 months, I haven’t posted anything because it was vacation time of my children. It was our time to visit places, enjoy outdoor activities without looking like a mummy wrapped, getting invited & having invitees at home. Those are my reasons, why I was not active in here. And I do apologize on not saying a word or two.

Now, my kids are happily backed to school. And I, back to my old couch and starts pretending that there nothing else to do (like cleaning) but sit & read. I’m thinking that it’s about time to catch up with you. I know that I have loads of readings ahead of me though, it would be a pleasure to know, what you‘ve been doing these past last months.

And to those who have visited me here; Thank you, I do appreciate it so much.


Liza said...

welcome back maya! i have missed you too. in fact i was just thinking about you the other day ;)


MommaWannabe said...

Hi welcome back Maya. I knew you would be back soon!

My other site is experiencing some problems right now so I cannot really make any posts there. Let me direct you to my new site - and the other ones I am still working on them.

I hope you had a wonderful summer - as for me it has been very busy too with MIL and SD around.

I also just came back to blogging.

Farah Deen said...

Maya, you are back and I am glad! I really thought you stopped blogging since you never said anything about being quiet for so long. ANyway, was it your summer holidays or some other holidays?

Well, back to the normal life again huh? no more vacations? well, it's OK. I am sure you had a great vacation recently. WHere did you guys go?

How's the children? Miss you!!!!

Maya said...

Hi, Liza. thanks i been longing to see your tips for a long time.I was really up to neck last summer.That smiley you have is really good looker.

I was so trilled reading that you wanna have a child,i wish it would be so soon. i'll be checking you other blog later after prepare lunch.I'm still doing our sched for this year so, sitting duck is not yet an option though i wish so much to be luxed.

truly sorry, i was so much into making everybody in this house to be happy having a little fun last summer that i couldn't seem to write in here.
The kids are fine... we are still doing our sched for this year. Extra activities for every one need to be inserted to our rooster.

Later i'll be going to try fencing with friends.

irish daisies said...

wow you are back its so nice! i thought you dropped off the face of the blogging world!. out dates are oct 20, 21 for packing and 22 for the pick up of our things. husband will retire on the 17th of oct. i think the girls will be coming out too :)been using sons computer since mine isnt working right.. so no photos for almost a week.
kids keep you busy in the summer months i remember! hope u like my new food blogs on my blog page also. i will be updating and adding more soon..i think i just had the one last time you were on. glad to see you back!!

The Holleys said...

I was wondering about you too Maya, glad you're back! :D

worldpeace said...

that's great that you are are on vacation for 3 months, very interesting...

Analyse said...

yay, busy maman's back! how r u doing ma-dear?

Maya said...

Irish Daisies
Nice to hear that you'll be soon transfering & hubby with be your 24/7.
Hope your computer would be fix soon.i can't wait to check your goodies.
I really have to thank you with your recipes, they are HIT in here, the kids enjoy doing it with me.& the parents just love it.

I'll be on it soon to your food blog. i just have to prepare the things of my youngest son for hand ball later and going to the beach to check them doing sailing.

The Holleys;
Thank you,i'm still rusty on writing. I don't know where to start.

I got to visit you & get updated.I'll be on your tail later.
Thanks again.


I wish,the entire 3 months was a vacation for me, but NO.put on the cleaning & cooking there,too.

Last August was not that good here, it was just conpensated with some beautiful people coming to visit us & fortunately we have a lot of activities every summer.

Ops, thanks for giving Amor's number.They don't still have a land line?

How's your son ? Is he going to maternelle now?

Maya said...

Ito still catching breathe,daming plano gawin kasi at yong mga bagets, they are all going to have extra activities kaya ito hilo-talelong ang lola.

I did try fencing last night with friends. Grabe, katawa-tawa ako.

ikaw musta ang pagbubuntis? i been reading in your blog.

sorry i mistook you to someone else.thought you where Janese.Man my brain is not on line yet.

Shawie said...

oh, welcome back, gurl...u've been missed:)

Jade said...

Tagged! I want to see what you, an intelligent woman, a wife and a mom, have in your handbag or purse.
Nosey eh? Hehe! Details about it could be found here

Randall said...

Welcome back. I was wondering if we'd ever see anything more from you after the wonderful car photos.

Farah Deen said...

what's up with you Maya? really missed reading your posts. How's the children doing?

Farah Deen said...

You are going to try fencing? Wow! You sure are up to a lot of things huh?

Maya said...

i did try it,i was hilarious, it became an ice breaker to some friends i'm doing it....
i'll be writing it down later. sorry if i'm not so much in writing ,i have loads of stuff to attend to.
as much as i would preferred to just sit. i can't.i'll tell more about it later on.
Kisses to you & the kids.

caryn said...

hi maya! welcome back! ;-) i look forward to reading more of your posts about your life in france ;-)

blessedmom said...

welcome back friend! don't worry, its fine if u haven't visited my blog in a also busy like you...:) wel, im glad you're back in the blogosphere! miss yah! :)


Sheila :)

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