Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #11

Remnant of my energy

Need a Rest .
Or perhaps....
I'll just fly.
All this photos was taken after our pêche à pied at L'ile Grande.
My last entry
Thanks for your visit.
Good day to all.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Receiving with pleasure

I really feel so lucky to have some beautiful people around me. Last week was not the first time, when my neighbor has been so generous on giving us some of his catch. This… Araignée literally means spider, this crab is commonly called here. We have them here in our coast and it’s time to fish them. We also have to respect the size which is 12cm and 500g in minimal. You can’t fish so much if you don’t have license to anchor your trap, if I’m not mistaken.

He was a sailor before, so you could understand why he still loves to stay on the sea and fish as his leisure. When he caught a lot, he often gives us. To have some fresh fish and crab, here is like a luxury coz they are really expensive having them daily in your table is something. Not, like when we are in Philippines, we could afford to indulge ourselves.

And we know why, the freshness nowadays is hard to find, even to some people. Not funny to say, Sorry. I mean the attitude or character not physically on referring to people. Another slip, going back to my track, That makes it worth more than the frozen ones. Here, there are load of frozen fish you could get from the grocery. Some are even pre-cooked or prepared one. Meaning, you just need to put them in your pan or microwave. And voila, done.

It’s handy for the people who doesn’t have time to prepare their meal or to those who doesn’t really cook, On the box or packaging, you’ll see how it’s being prepare from 1, 2, 3… and you could only add some little leafy to put it as yours. I personally don’t patronize them. They are not worth for what it cost.

Oh my, I’m blundering again. Going back to him, he has been given a chance to see some part of Asia. So, to him; we are his reminder of his voyage. Sometimes, we spend talking over our wall with his wife. They are all retiree; I think they are around 70’s now. But I’m so impressed how they are so active. I would be puffing working around my garden but them… not at all. They would even offer me their hand to help me, when they see that I can’t cope up with my chores.

They are just an example of people that I have been grateful to have around me. They have given me more than that, they gave us friendship and as I’m happy to receive that warm bonding they have extended to us. I’m receiving them with pleasure.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Layers of crêpe:As intro

Crêpe is Bretagne (Brittany), I would playfully say, because it’s where it originates this thin pancake. It is known that the best crêpe in France is in this region. It is geographically situated northwest of France; one of its 26 regions. This region was once been free and one of the Celtic nations. The net would provide you greater information about it.

Here, I’m just imparting my personal experiences as a foreigner living here. I’m using crêpe as a title for there is so much to appreciate with this simple pancake made of wheat flour, butter, eggs, milk and a pinch of salt. It also can be served as your main meal or just a dessert. It is my personal connotation as BRETAGNE.

For years living here, I have been clicking my camera like a tourist (don’t take this bad) and I’m glad that I have not let it rest only to that. As I took my own pace to slowly acclimate myself. Though, I didn’t stop observing even with a glass barrier on my window. And the more, I see and sometimes mingle make me feel more at home. You’ll know later why.

Hope, this vague little intro would keep you following my layers of crêpe.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love of Jap

Just last weekend, we went to Rennes to get our provision of Asian condiments & our staple food like rice and Asian noodles. Going there took us 2 hrs drive from our place. I assure you I make the most of it. Imagine, I’m doing my provision like there will be calamity coming, so I stock up.

Though, I’m shy to show you how my storage room looks like; you’ll think that I have a mini grocery. Now, I feel like justifying my action with the cost of gas now and finding time to go there is enough, plus our craving for Asian foods.

Going back on buying, I was shock how the prices increase, the usual Thai rice of 22.75 Kls. /50 Lbs. would normally cost 28 gone up to 38 euro and the Jap rice of 10kls. became so expensive, they are usually more expensive than the Thai. This time I have to stop thinking of its price & just grab a sack. This is what I normally do in that store.

Anyway, I need to have them for my makis. I do my own, even we could buy them in the supermarket, and I still don’t buy them. My reasons are they have been prepared for a long time and expensive for what it is. I meant the taste. I once tasted the commercial one & it made me cry. People, who know me, would understand how I get upset with food if it’s below my expectation and more I paid for it. Don’t laugh, that’s me. I’m trying to cure this.

I have been appreciating Jap food since early 80’s, when they started having some chain of restos in Philippines. And I have passed them to my kids & husband. I could fairly cook up some of their plates; it may not be as good as authentic done by a Japanese chef but enough to stir some gourmand friends here. Recently, it has been one of their requested dish.

We do potluck also here. When you’re invited to some gathering, you bring a/some plates. This is not compulsory, but it’s a way to help lessen the burden of the one who’s making the party for not letting enslaved them in food preparation. Sometimes, you’re requested to do something particular. It’s normal that they don’t request me with French cuisine coz they could do it.

My god, I sound like a bragger. Pardon me. Food can really make me so talkative.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #10

Living near the beach has so many things to do. Here, is one of our outlets to enjoy it. We do pêche à pied(fish by foot) .Our favorite spot is L’ile Grande where we know that we could have some Coque(Cockle) and Palourde(Carpet-Shell or Manila clam).A 5 to 8 Minutes drive from our house.

Last Sunday is our first for this year.And it’s always rewarding to hear the excitement of the kids screaming when they found some clams. Teasing who could have the biggest catch. And us(parents), just enjoying the feel of the water on our feet as we rake the sand to see the cockles roll for picking.

After our pêche, all of us enjoying it as our entrée. I don't know, but i think it's the best clam we've eaten this year.
Happy Wordless Wednesday to all!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Soirée de Conte

Last Tuesday-The kids are really expecting that day. The Parents' association had organized a “Soirée de Conte en Pyjamas” (storytelling night in pajamas). Our two little ones have different timing, one for the maternal and another for the elementary students. So, we have arranged it with some parent to pick up the boys & D’man has to bring Sophia & Delphine and watch with them.

As expected, the kids were so amazed with the narrator and have been mimicking his lines and actions on how he delivered his stories. The light on their eyes as they recounted was so much to grasp without you cracking a smile. My kids were having the best of their times, on that i could tell. And so is the man of this shack was so impressed how the night went well. He was even interjecting some missing lines the kids have omitted unconsciously.

Sophia after her narrating the stories she heard, she told me “Mama, every word I told you the man say its all true, you may check them in the dictionary, he said. Really believe me.” Plus she has this wide assuring eyes staring at me and punctuated her lines with a nod.

Now, you think it’s wise to laugh? Or just smile, like I’ve ended up doing & affirmed that what he had told them are true. I could find the words in the dictionary.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #9

Our first kayaking this year.

It felt so good to be on it again. & more my 6 years old daughter is getting interested in it. The two of us paddled near the Château de Costaéres. She started telling me that we should do it together always and she's not afraid coz I’m there. Don’t I just feel like a winner on that?

Happy Wordless Wednesday to all of you.

Ps:This photo was taken after. Around 8:30PM we decided to stop coz it was going low tide.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My lucky charm

We know that May 1 is a Labor Day. Here, they have another tradition that people do on that day. They give sprig of Muguet and commonly known as "Lily of the Valley” as a lucky charm, which started from the time of King Charles IX of France, as he received one. And also it’s a symbol of springtime.

In custom, as you receive one, you should give a kiss in return, which is likely you’ll do, when you know the meaning of the flowers name is - You will find happiness.

Last Friday, I have some little visitors, Sophia’s friends & mine, too. How can I not say they are mine, too? When they always declared that I’m their best friend. So, one of our little best friend gave me these flowers which I’m showing now. She is Delphine, a little girl with a radiating smile. Her gist always give me reason to see life is good.

Now, it may not be May 1, but I’m still sharing this to all of you and wish the meaning of the flower will give you what we often seek for… Happiness and i hope, this will serve you as your charm too.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Meeting her,at last.

Last Sunday we were not having the best weather but it had been compensated by meeting a long time friend from email to phone pal. You must be wondering why only now that I speak about our meeting. I don’t know, too. All I know, I’m so happy to see the person that I’ve been trying to visualize for a long time. She really stood up like the one I’ve on my head. I’m so grateful on meeting a family like hers. They are so nice and no negativities. Life flows so smoothly on them. Until now, her laughter still rings on my head which makes me smile. And the nicest thing is I can really envision her doing it with the right facial expression. Like normal, I’m so overwhelm that I can’t find the right words to describe how I felt on meeting them. What about this…

“Maraming salamat sa pan de sal at sa oras na binigay ninyo sa amin. Napaganda ninyo ang pangit na panahon at naging bukang-bibig ang mga pangalan ninyo sa loob ng bahay at may kasamang ngiti sa pagbigkas nito.”

Sorry, I will not translate this one up. This is for her. Anyway, last weekend is one of our best weekends, from sunny Saturday to a Sunday smile. Wish to see you again. Anytime you want to visit here, you & your family are most welcome & it will be our pleasure to show you around. As I promised, I’ll bring your little one to the beach and fish out some clams or take him out to pick some wild berries as he likes.