Saturday, September 20, 2008

Survival Instinct

In every one of us we have this instinct of survival that sometimes we didn’t know or care if it’s good for everyone’s concern. This instinct could sometimes cloud someone’s good judgment and unfortunately someone is getting hurt.

And for those merely spectators some could conclude harshly or unjustly. What more for the one in the mid of it, who happens to be in a wrong place and time. This type of situation where we are at present, regarding my eldest son’s activity.

He was not informed that the club where he is with has fewer players on his division this school year. He was asked to sign before end of school year, stating that he will continue playing there this year without informing him, that a lot have moved out or stop doing basket. Then, last summer he was informed by his friend that there will be only 2 players and he’s the second one.

So, he told us that he will be transferring back to Lannion basket ball club. He was thinking that it would be easy like last year. Then, last week D’man called the head of the club in Tregastel to ask for release documents for Julian. He also stated our reason of transferring, which is not enough players on his category and Julian doesn’t want to play with senior group. Though He really like to do it in Tregastel because it‘s nearer to our place, but he preferred to be playing with his age bracket rather than being with senior & being benched always. D’man didn’t further elaborate how unconfy it makes Julian playing with his physic prof & double size of him. (I would if I’m not doing well on his subject, mama thinking here.)As he (D’man), also expressed that we are willing to retransfer him back there, if they will have enough player on Julian’s catregory to make a team for next year.

The director was really nice at that time seeing our reasons. And told the D’man that ask Julian, if he really wants to transfer coz if it’s being in the senior makes him think; that it will make him stop playing it will not be the case, he is good. But if he still want to transfer, he‘ll do the release letter for him. We were so happy hearing it.

Then, last Wednesday D’man called back, but the old nice director had somehow become vicious & insulting. He was talking in different lingo. Saying that he will not do the release coz he will rip-off Julian’s license to play and he will never accept Julian back to his club for now or next year . Hubby was so stunned that he was lost of words, dully repeating word by word what the director told him. I was so sad at the same time mad. Coz I know how much it meant to Julian playing basket. He is almost sleeping with his ball. It is how much he loves it.

And then, it made me thinking back, when I was talking to someone in Basket ball club representative in Lannion, I was asking which paper we should provide to retransfer Julian back to their club. And if, I would get this paper will they accept him. They say yes, but in some little hint they make me think that they have some issue with the other club. Naming the director was a little bit more emphasized than normal. That made me cunningly asked; is there something that I need to be aware of? I just got a crooked smile & a short word. Was that an omen? I wander.

Then, putting words of Julian & the one from Lannion, it made me think that the one in Tregastel is just trying to have more people to sustain the club. I agree that it should not closedown too; coz there are lots of children; who lives nearby would gladly benefit having a closer basketball club to join. But unfortunately, this year & perhaps since last year; the young men preferred playing in Lannion, because it bigger club & near the secondary school where Julian attends, too. It’s easier for them to go for practice, be with friend or something.

With the club trying to survive and my child is on the midst of it. How would I react? I would have tried more to talk to Julian on staying and play with senior but the way he spoke with my husband. It seems that his instinct got better of him. D’man told me he called the other club & told how it difficult to get the necessary letter. They told him that the club in Tregastel could vote veto on Julian’s transferring.

Now, I really feel bad that one of the head of club, who should be more understanding why this people patronizing them ,because they have things in common, love of what they do there and the club represent. I'm wishing, whatever issue these clubs have should be settled soon, I would be sadder to see someone else would be in my son’s shoe.


the donG said...

im glad you're back! after that long break from bloghopping.

we'll hope that it'll soon be resolved so that it will not happen again.

Farah Deen said...

That's horrible. Being the head of the club, that doesn't seem like what a leader and director would do. Sometimes, when people have no reasons to say no, they turn up to be nasty, which is exactly what he did when he spoke to your husband. I feel sad and angry- I mean, sad that a man where students look up to has such low morale and angry because he can't do anything to help at all.

I just hope things work out well with Julian.

The Holleys said...

Sorry to hear that your son is in the middle of it and that director is threatening to take his license. He has no right at all. Your son can choose wherever he wants to play. I hope the director's heart will change.

liza said...

i hope it will be resolved soon. yan ang hirap eh, minsan kung sino pa ang dapat makaintindi at umayos, sila pa ang problema.

as a mom im sure galit na galit ka, but tell julian its not his loss, it's their loss. ;)

if you have time, please visit me here also ;)

Maya said...

The dong,
Thanks for welcoming me back. sorry still not that active.I have some personal project now that i'm doing. & my day seems so short these days.

About it, we still haven't really resolve the problem.Still hope the veto would not come up. for now,he seem like saling kit sa Lannion.

I know,we think that someone make him change mind with us.I really don't get, what make a nice man turn nasty so quick.

Anyway, still hoping no veto from his side.for now julian's position in lannion is not clear.

The holleys,
i think,it's a burst of anger or frustration that makes him say those things.I'm still hoping that he would just let Julian play in Lannion this year.

I also hope so much that he'll reconsider.

Oo nga.sapalagay ko he was just so pressure lossing the club or perhaps someone manipulate him.My hubby spoke to someone in lannion & we learn that one of the coach is working part time in botrh club & hubby told me it was the guy he spoke to that he simply don't want Julian moving to lannion. Hubby was thinking he was just trying to save his job.i can't say more but with all the talks, it seems that it's the coach who planted a bad seed to the director.We might be wrong.I don't know.. but i just hope that it will work out & the two club would help each other to survive.

I was angry for a while but still want to know what makes him change.
People don't just turn bad for no reason...valid or not. it a reason.

Anyway, maraming salamat Liz & all.Sorry if i still not posting even regular hopping... i just need to do our rooster first.

irish daisies said...

thats one thing i do not miss is crazy school things. my daughter was the first to start ib and it was nothing but a pain because they were working out the kinks.. i had to call so many time to make sure she would recive her college points. glad to see you back and blogging :)

Jade said...

Gosh, your son is really in a very difficult situation. That director is such an ass but maybe he was in a very difficult place too.

I hope things work out for the best for Julia, Maya.

Wish you a better week!

irish daisies said...

just stopping over to see if you updated yet... hope u are doing well

tutubi said...

hi maya, i've replied to your inquiry on bora. just let me konw if yu need something. you can cut on costs by booking rooms where the whole family can stay in. accommodations and airfare are the two largest part of the cost. btw, let's exchange links :P

tutubi said...

conflicts are common in real life. just hope evertyhing's well at the end

maya said...

Thanks Lyn,Jade & Tutubi.

Sorry for being to tardy.
Anyway,he's still in the same predicament.But he accepted to be not able to play in any game, but he's able to do practice with Lannion's team.He'll be properly leggal in lannion this January. then he could play. we are still crossing our fingers on that.

About exchange link tutubi, My pleasure to add you.Your site is really informative.and thanks again.

Lyn missing my food now.

Jade sorry wasn't able to put up my bag's photo.There's nothing to see but my trash inside.