Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hooked up with Virtual Regatta

These passed days aside from my normal sched, which I’m having difficulties on coping up. I’ve taken another more time consuming to keep me until February by playing virtual regatta.

It’s D’man fault! He was the first one, who‘s playing it, a week earlier than I. He’s also got the fever of it from his colleagues & his boss their none-stop talking about it, that made him join. From then on, He kept on checking that made me curious what it is. Then, telling me that it’s actually virtual game but it fallows the real route of the Vendée Globe; it’s a single-handed sailing yacht race around the world. That got me, too.

I didn’t start from the beginning of the race which was the 9th of Nov. I was late almost 2 weeks. And it gives a price of 10,000 Euros. I know, I won’t be qualified on winning that one. Neither the less, this game just made me gaga to a point, that I couldn’t do anything; like my studies my lessons in French or whenever I’m on my tutorial. I’m itchy to check up my boat every 5 minutes. But of course, I can’t. It would be impolite to do so, when someone just even gave me a free tutorial.

And more, when I was trying to book a hotel for us in Paris, I was looking for the one with Wi-Fi. Just imagine, a thrifty person like me would be willing to put extra to have one for a game. I was so happy that I’ve found one but they say it was booked and I don’t have time to look for another one but take what they offered, which doesn’t have at all. Consoling ourselves, that we’ll have time to drop somewhere there’s one, unfortunately, we never got the time there.

La Louvre took it all. At that moment, I was willing to scarify my game to be again in the most wonderful place like this one. Letting my children have a look of those artifacts and all. The amazed look of people surrounds us make me beam more. And I was wishing to have more energy and time to have more of it. Later, tell more about the Louvre Museum.

When we arrived at home, we immediately checked our boats. I have lost 11,000 spots. That really HURTS. And he just lost a thousand. Not fair! I’ve been working since last Monday to catch up. I was not that bad, coz I got to catch our friends. And one of them was enough afraid that he bought an options to help him navigate automatically; getting the best wind & speed he could without much work. What a CHEATER! I keep on sending him some messages like “cheater, remove that thing. I mean it or else, you‘re not our friend anymore. ". And we just continue on verbal sparring.

Now, who say we can’t be kids at this age? Anyway, the game id free; if you would like to join in click here, the more the merrier, right?

There will be another one after this. Hahahaha.... Goodness, i sound like my kids. Pardon me, this certainly one of my attacks.Pls, bear.


Anonymous said...

hello Maya,I'm curious with that boat game :),I might check that online game later.Navisit nyo ba ang whole Louvre museum?

irish daisies said...

its nice to see you back again! hope you enjoyed my goodies. we are in texas injoying the warm weather, traveling here and there. i hope you are doing well

Maya said...

Hi,Amor. thanks for the visit. So sweet naman.
About the game, i'm really into it, getting awake at night to check my's fun! Louvre? unfortunately not.The kids were whinning.though, hubby agreed that we should come back to revisit it.

Irish Daisies,it's nice to be back ,too. I've missed a lot from you people.
Wowderful i've seen your photos , you're really having a great time, i envy you having some warm weather.keep brightening up Texas.About your goodies, asual, i'm enjoying them.

I'll revisit you & Amor later.

irish daisies said...

hey girl just checking in with you. I hope you get a chance to enjoy some of the goodies I have added on my food blog. Bless you and your famlily

Amor said...

Hello Maya,ok na na other blog mo??add mo ako doon ha pls.? hehehe :)I'll add u in my 3rd blog :),pwede paki add din? thanks.Happy weekend!!

the donG said...

hahaha... now that's something everyone can enjoy doing to bring back the kid in them.

Analyse said...

they showed that on tv last night, and i was telling frenchguy that you're addicted to that, lol.. and since we're both techno-bobo, and anyway we have no time.

Maya said...

I 'm still working on it. but i have to attend on something first. of course i'll link you there.

DonG, last night i've shown your site to my eldest son. He was envying the skimboard there. He also find your shots so COOL.
It's really nice to bring the kids there but don't expect that they can stand the long walk.

Ana,You techno-bobo? i don't think so.
About the game yes it's time eater talaga.I go nuts if i dont check my boat at 4:30am.
I still don't like to buy some option.
Now, i have 2 was given by a friend of D'man. He think i could babysit it better. i hope so ,too.

liza said...

hmmm, the game sounds interesting. i wish i had the time :(

i will not check the site, i might not resist the temptation hahaha.

irish daisies said...

i tagged you on my blog :) its ok if you dont do it. have a great weekend

zingtrial. said...

Yap! would like to play problem is time :) Hope you having a nice time.Wishing you all the best.

Maya said...

Hi,Liza,the game is really interesting i'm still on it.Now, i'm having to boat.

Hi,Lyn, I do enjoy your goodies but for now i cant do them. you'll know later why.
About the tag;I just took my normal state every morning.

Hi,Zingtrail,Yes,playing with time sometimes it does help.Hope you to have a nice day.

Jade - wife blogger said...

Hi Maya,

I couldn't comment on your latest post,dunno why. Happy New Year din. Wish you the best for 2009!!!


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Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Are you still racing virtual boats? If so, which boat?

Nationwide Pools said...

This is such a fun game!

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

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Fingerprint Time Clock said...

I hope the coping has become easier on you!