Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Astonishing offer

Whenever I received some kindness through offering me a help made me really so happy. It shows that there are still beautiful people still living and ready to extend their hand to help. On this knowledge I felt safer and content for my kids. I’m getting melodramatic here, sorry.

Anyway, I would like to thank you Janese for offering a place for me to stay in Paris. Even, I did decline it. Still, I do value your kind gesture.

We haven’t met yet. But this beautiful woman had offered me a shelter in Paris last week as quick as she knew that I’ll be going there.

Thank you again, Janese. You’re kindness is much appreciated.

To those who visited me here.
Thank you so much for the time.
There's more things to say about my being off-line for a long time, but couldn't write it down yet, later perhaps, when I’m ready to share.


Anonymous said...

that's nice. i think no matter how ugly it gets there will always be beautiful people up to save the world. :p

Liza said...

now look who's back! i missed you maya and i'm glad that you're finally back to blogging.

oo naman, there are still nice people around, yun nga lang mas marami ang hindi nice hehe.


Moms... check nyo

Maya said...

Prinsesamusang, you are right. i just hope there will be plenty of this beautiful people.

Liza, Thanks, i've missed a lot of your tidbits, shame on me. Anyway, i won't promise on anything but i'll try my best to cope up with this blogging.

How nice it is to meet nice people no? The comfort they bring in you tlga maganda yon feeling.About the not so nice people, i think they are just easily spotted coz they do bad stuff.

the donG said...

bait naman niya. tama ka na kahit hindi ka natuloy na tumira doon sa kanya, she still deserve this gratitude post. tagal mo ding nawala sa blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Hello Maya,kumusta? for sure tatawag ako dyan sayo.You know what,we'll be staying at Janese house on the 28th until Dec 31,doon kami mag new year sa kanila as tradition na namin magfriends.Since lumipat na kami,medyo malayo na talaga kami pero she offered their place,nice kaayo sya.

Maya said...

DonG,She deserve it talaga, imagine first talk lang namin sa phone then,she offer me her place. Grabe, i was overwhelmed to recieve such help.

Sorry, no liner that i'm going to be out again.May something something kasi.I was a bit desappointed how it turned out.Hurt ang lola.Anyway,i can't have everything nice naman.

Amor, I'll wait for your call,langga.OO nga, nagulat nga ako at super offer sya sa akin.Grabe, yong feeling... sarap!
Sige ikain mo ko sa New Year ha.
At ihalik mo n rin ako sa iya.

Jade said...

Hi Maya!

It's great to hear from you again. I will be back soon to to catch up - just need to get things out of the way.

It's really nice to know that there are still people who are kind to others.

Maya said...

It's ok... i'm trying to be more active.

blessedmom said...

hello there maya! how are u? sorry for not getting back to you soon..just got back from a vacation. thanks a lot for the visit and the nice comment. appreciate them truly!

nice to know that there are still people around who have a big heart to help...bountiful blessings to her and to u as well! :)

:) have a wonderful blessed day! take care! :)

Maya said...

Blessedmom,It's a pleasure to know you.I really find your blog wonderful like you.
Enjoy life.