Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Forgetful as my new adjective

I’ve been racing these past few months. I always felt that I’m always behind of my need to do list & all. Sometimes, I even forget some of my appointments. I know, I should just write them down. And I do BUT I always misplaced my agenda book. If not for Lareine , sometimes I would have forgotten to pick up my kids in the school on the right time or miss some of my appointments. I make sure that she is aware of them(my rdv) coz she can remember them than I. and she’s so kind to remind me. See, how lucky I am to have a great friend like her.

It was last two or three weeks that I have messed up the birthdays of my friends’ kids. And I assure you; this is not the first time. I ended up whining over the phone to her (Lareine), forcing her to spit out my weekly schedule and at the same time, really hoping that I have read her my agenda which I even didn’t write myself , it was Brigette, one of the mom friend here who wrote it for me. So, I won’t be mixed up & accept another engagement on the same date & time.

Even D’man was so much astonished that I ended up committing myself to two events at the same date & me not even aware of. Yes, that much! Understandable that it makes him worry coz i'll drag him on it. And seeing his wife, getting stressed up is too much for him to handle.I'm a handful, by the way.

But believe me, I’m more ashamed, how I become so forgetful lately. My reddening becoming my usual blusher and it’s not cute. Me explaining, how I messed up & hoping if we could rearrange something. Luckily, my blushing and stammering do the trick, I’ve been forgiven. And now, they put it on group mail & make me swear that I look at them.

The funniest is my kids would ride on this issue by saying,"but Mama, you don’t have the power of Naruto, (it’s a Japanese cartoon). He can have multi-clone and you don’t have any.” Good point, right?

PS: If anyone of you will say that it’s a sign of ageing.
Here’s my answer, I’M NOT HEARING YOU. I'm just stress.


Pinay Jade said...

Hi Maya,
No worries! I am also not that much around lately either, been busy with sewing and preparation. I wish I have multi clone .

My inlaws would be arriving tom. with Jules early morning...it would be really really busy. Especially busy for me coz he would be going on a biz trip to US in a week.

I planned to iron everything before they arrived...guess what haven't done it yet.I am more of a mess;)
Have a good week Maya. I'll visit when I get the chance.

the donG said...

hahaha... well it happens. it maybe because you've been very busy these days. maybe some organizing schemes are needed.

i was laughing at your kids comment about naruto's capabilities.

and i think it's too earlyt to say that it's "aging".

Lyn said...

having little ones always make us a little to busy at times. I remember many nights staying up sewing something or baking something. our packers will be coming mid august. just sorting the things out we will be keeping with us and selling at our garage sale. :) hope u are relaxing with a nice cookie

Salamat said...

yeah, right! just take it easy, girl! my life has not been normal yet since March, hahaha! Isn't that a sign of progress? lol!
have a great week!

Maya said...

Hi Jade we are on the same boat.Now, i don't know why i put join WW. i'll get to it na lang later.& start baking for Thurs & Sat.
Keep me posted about you IL's visit.
Dong i know but i can't keep up with my list.i always do something out of it, kaya ito filing ang work ko.
Lyn i know that you'll be packing & going to do some garage sale. Man i don't know how you keep your duckies on line.
Salamat If it show progess, i want to be sometimes not progressing.even for a week only.

lareine said...

glad to be of service *grins*... don't worry, just two more months and summer will be over... then maybe you'll get back your normal routine... maybe we don't have to have clones... having eight arms like an octopus with a photographic memory would be just fine *grins*

Amor said...

Me too,we're kind'a busy and lots of things to do.I can't do it all and made me forget after,even the little things.

Take it easy madame! :)

Maya said...

Lariene i know, i also wish that it would be ok, but i don't want the summer to go. good weather really make us feel good.
I was about to write about ursula, remember her.
Remind me to do kikiam & siomai & be ready for loisir, & my pick up time 3pm.hahaha... ops, & to order my crépine. basta sa magbaboyan.at taposin ko yon para sa mga give- aways.

Amor We never stop doing thing,no? At least you dear you'll be transferring soon. i really hope you have great kapitbahay katulad nitong amin.

Yesterday i have some crabs again from them. this time it didn't pass over the fence but they deliver it to my front door.
super sarap!!!kamay ako with vinegar pa.

Liza said...

hi maya! pinay jade is right, it's not only you. i am forgetful too, as in, very!

one time, i forgot ot turn off the heater when i took a shower, the one we're using is not automatic so you have to make sure you turned it off or it might cause fire. it wan my son who discovered it, good thing it didn't spark fire. whew. i was so ashamed of myself then.

Maya said...

oh my god, that is really scary. i did one time forget that i was roasting something...because my kids & hubby were so much want us to live & every one just expect me to thing for them, like things they need.
So we were in a hurry to go.at the match of my eldest i just remember that i didnt turned it off.
Never did i forget anything in the kitchen open. that was the first time.We were driving a bit faster than the normal speed & checking if their a smoke in our house.
That was really horrible.

Farah Deen said...

dont' worry Maya, one thing at a time and you will be good. If you need to take a break, then, do it!

Analyse said...

i should stop calling you mama then, lola is more apt. lol. hey, outlook calendar is what you need. i couldn't live without it, really. i've added all important dates too so walang problema ;)

JesuLalaine said...

hahah! your kids are cute!

How are you? I've noticed that you haven't written a post for more than a month now..:)

Hope you're doing well..God bless!