Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm back and disoriented.

Almost 2 weeks, I wasn’t able to do blogging & even hopping to my favorite bloggers. I was and still tied up with many things to attend to like preparing parties for Sophia & Gabriel, doing invitation cards, clearing out the mess in our house which I never succeeded on doing so, attending parties & helping them their preparation, visiting friends and so on.

And whenever I tried to write something, I seems too disoriented to put my phrases right. Now, I’m blocked. Sorry…. Perhaps by hopping & getting updated will help me out putting my ducklings on line.

Thanks for your visits even I was not that active. I do appreciate it.


Dhanggit said...

welcome back maya!! good luck on all the errands you need to do for the event you are preparing :-)

ps,thanks for all your kind words and compliments you write everytime you visit my humble kitchen :-) i would love love to see and visit bretagne..dont worry when the occasion comes i'll definitely contact you

blessedmom said...

that's fine maya. that happens to me too, most of the time hehe :) anyways, i still love looking at your photos...just beautiful! :)

Liza said...

welcome back dear! we missed yah ;)

you just need a few knocks on your head hahahaha.


azillah said...

hello Adds, how's going on there?? grabeh!so busy talga for the b-day celebration..ganyann gyud talga ang proud mom.

the donG said...

that's ok. it sometimes happens but what's important now is that you're back in the blogosphere.

looking forward toyour future post. spend some time at peace.

Maya said...

Dhanggit they are not only compliments i'm telling you. you are really so good.I been always in your blog before i started blogging,you always revive my wanting to cook when it wore out.
About your visiting here... I would love that.I'll be waiting on that occasion.

Shiela I'm really cramming.Sometimes,i wish that i don't recieve a call & invitation.So,i could have time to do other things in the house.
We couldn't refuse they are good friend & it always fun having them around.

LizaI've been knocking on my head,Liza. Still it not working.I was even searching all the tags that i need to do,i seems have forgot on which file i have put it.It show how disorganized i am.hahahaa...

Azillah Grabe nga e.. super tlga.medyo napaparanoid na ako.I need to clean up the garage too so that if someone would love to play babyfoot with hubby, it's not shameful letting someone there.
Last weekend ko, ok naman.masaya yon labas namin sa Vitré then punta kami sa fougères.

DonG Thank you.I hope,i could put something meaningful on the next post.I'm the one who's looking forward with your june thing.

Maraming salamat ulit sa lahat!

Lyn said...

it must be that love potion I give him ... and he thought I was giving him herbs LOL makes him do what i want (joking) nice to see you back and writing

rojoy said...

Welcome back Maya, I miss you in here, take care. Yup summer time is really busy. party here n there.

Farah Deen said...

I thought so you are tied up with something. Don't worry- you get your stuff done first only then you can blog in peace! :)

Too many parties to attend doesn't sound bad at all you know...hehehehe

Maya said...

Lyn you have to give me that recipe, i could used a hand from hubby to do our preparation.

Rojoy oo nga super grabe nakakapagod din pero masaya.I miss a lot of your post but i've seen the cake you do for Azillah. yummy!

Farah I'm tied up with so much thing that i keep on putting aside.Now i'm cramming to do them at the same time doing my rounds to some friends.

Miss you guys!

Amor said...

Hello Maya,kumusta?thanks sa lahat,lalo na yong pagtawag mo at pagbigay sa akin ng advices at ng tips mo about making sushis :)at last nakagawa na rin ako.

I really enjoy talking with you.Sa susunod ulit :)