Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love of Jap

Just last weekend, we went to Rennes to get our provision of Asian condiments & our staple food like rice and Asian noodles. Going there took us 2 hrs drive from our place. I assure you I make the most of it. Imagine, I’m doing my provision like there will be calamity coming, so I stock up.

Though, I’m shy to show you how my storage room looks like; you’ll think that I have a mini grocery. Now, I feel like justifying my action with the cost of gas now and finding time to go there is enough, plus our craving for Asian foods.

Going back on buying, I was shock how the prices increase, the usual Thai rice of 22.75 Kls. /50 Lbs. would normally cost 28 gone up to 38 euro and the Jap rice of 10kls. became so expensive, they are usually more expensive than the Thai. This time I have to stop thinking of its price & just grab a sack. This is what I normally do in that store.

Anyway, I need to have them for my makis. I do my own, even we could buy them in the supermarket, and I still don’t buy them. My reasons are they have been prepared for a long time and expensive for what it is. I meant the taste. I once tasted the commercial one & it made me cry. People, who know me, would understand how I get upset with food if it’s below my expectation and more I paid for it. Don’t laugh, that’s me. I’m trying to cure this.

I have been appreciating Jap food since early 80’s, when they started having some chain of restos in Philippines. And I have passed them to my kids & husband. I could fairly cook up some of their plates; it may not be as good as authentic done by a Japanese chef but enough to stir some gourmand friends here. Recently, it has been one of their requested dish.

We do potluck also here. When you’re invited to some gathering, you bring a/some plates. This is not compulsory, but it’s a way to help lessen the burden of the one who’s making the party for not letting enslaved them in food preparation. Sometimes, you’re requested to do something particular. It’s normal that they don’t request me with French cuisine coz they could do it.

My god, I sound like a bragger. Pardon me. Food can really make me so talkative.


Peko-peko said...

japanese food is the favorite of my husband.. its my dream to make one with the authentic taste ...sarap inggit ako :-)

btw, hope you wont mind i added you up in my link

Lyn said...

looks so yummy. i also stock up on food :) glad i did it now that prices are going up so much. been using my stock up since we are moving in a few months, so I dont look like a mini grocery store anymore ;)

Maya said...

Peko-peko, yes, it's really good jap food. i felt so sorry coz i must have not save some of my old photos from my old laptop.
here's its difficult to do it coz sometimes i cant get some fresh tuna.& some good avocado.. some other stuff for good filling for maki.
sure, thanks for adding me ,i'll do the same.
Lyn wish i could entice you more but i have lost some of my photos.I make do of what i have.
Now, i feel ok about my mini grocery.It's always better to have some stock we could save some money & our creativity in cooking don't get block.

Liza said...

yummy! my family loves japanese food so much, especially my son, lalo na sushi!

re ibiza: i wish i could go with you, yaan mo pag kaya ng budget hahaha.

Amor said...

kalami ani Maya,naglaway ko nagtan-aw kay naganahan nako sa japanese foods.Hay,makabalik gyd mi ani ahat sa japanese resto :)

the donG said...

i love japanese food too. i can spend the whole day eating japanese food.

Maya said...

Liza, Dong & Amor We all seems can have a great dinner together in japanese resto.
Sushi i love it,too. i will not name all or i'll fill my keyboard with my saliva that is a bit gross.

Jojo said...

I LOVVVVEEEE SUSHI!!!. Sarap namang tingnan. Please send me some ha.


Farah Deen said...

wow- so, you are one of the sushi lovers! i cant eat them, i would feel all like throwing up and feel sick. i am just not used to the smell and taste of japanese food yet. i think with japanese food, either you like it or you just dont. there's nothing in the middle. LOL

Analyse said...

been quite a while i havent prepared makis, yes mama, i know how to do that. surprised? hehe.. and yes, prices are so high.. two days ago, i filled our car with diesel at 1.36.. this morning, it's at 1.40!

Maya said...

Jojo Salamat, it's not that elaborated. i was lazy to boiled some carrots & put some onion spring ou something.This was a quicky preparation. i was just so happy to see a fresh red tuna.
Farah you can see my eyes sparkling eating them.
True jap food is something about liking it or not. Specially sushi.
Ana I do remember that this one you can make.We spoke about food past years ago that you have mention that a friend taught you have to do it.I remember everything you tell me.
About the gas price yes,it's crazy.D'man is thinking to go to work with his bike least it would be a start for him to go back to his old passion.

Pinay Jade said...

Hi I am back!
Wow Maya, you just made me hungry. I love LOve Jap food. I also make my own maki but I bet it's not as good as yours.