Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My lucky charm

We know that May 1 is a Labor Day. Here, they have another tradition that people do on that day. They give sprig of Muguet and commonly known as "Lily of the Valley” as a lucky charm, which started from the time of King Charles IX of France, as he received one. And also it’s a symbol of springtime.

In custom, as you receive one, you should give a kiss in return, which is likely you’ll do, when you know the meaning of the flowers name is - You will find happiness.

Last Friday, I have some little visitors, Sophia’s friends & mine, too. How can I not say they are mine, too? When they always declared that I’m their best friend. So, one of our little best friend gave me these flowers which I’m showing now. She is Delphine, a little girl with a radiating smile. Her gist always give me reason to see life is good.

Now, it may not be May 1, but I’m still sharing this to all of you and wish the meaning of the flower will give you what we often seek for… Happiness and i hope, this will serve you as your charm too.


Pinay Jade said...

Maya...you're still up? He he he

It's nice to have little friends and Delphine is so cute too.

This is a good food for thought!
I would love to come back to Barcelona too...our visit was too short.

Liza said...

ay ganun pala sa france, kakatuwa naman and thanks for sharing your lucky charm with us. *hugs*

Magpie said...

Sweet. And they smell so nice too.

rojoy said...

yup our kids friends are also our friend too. Thats nice of that girl she gives you that such nice flowers. Girl are sweet anyhow.

Farah Deen said...

Delphine is such a pretty little angels. That pic almost made me think of a very beautiful art! So, she's Pia's friend? Where's the pic of your friend then? :)

Maya said...

Pinay_Jade>>> yes i was still awake until 5am.got prob with sleeping.Been having it for months now.
About Barcelone check Monsarrat,too.Beautiful,you'll love it!The kids love the city , due to the musicians & impersonator.Locve the aura there, full of life.
Liza>>> Yes,kakatuwa talaga.nakakatouch to recieve one & giving it too. i have them in my garden, mas masarap ibigay kasi alaga ko.
Magpie>>> She smell like jasmin, right. sweet & they look like little bell.
That's Delphine my friend & Sophia's too. the other one i'll put her too,soon. Her name is Fanny.. same age of Sophia. Their parents are good friend of ours.
Something that makes me so thankful meeting beautiful people here. it compensate somehow the lack of sun.

Maya said...

Yes, Joy. they really become our friends, i really find them cute & sweet.
The moms of Sophia's best friend are mine also.
They are really wonderful people.I may have problem with the weather but i'm blessed with warm people around me.

Jojo said...

She is very pretty like the flowers.
What a nice lucky charm.