Monday, May 19, 2008

Receiving with pleasure

I really feel so lucky to have some beautiful people around me. Last week was not the first time, when my neighbor has been so generous on giving us some of his catch. This… Araignée literally means spider, this crab is commonly called here. We have them here in our coast and it’s time to fish them. We also have to respect the size which is 12cm and 500g in minimal. You can’t fish so much if you don’t have license to anchor your trap, if I’m not mistaken.

He was a sailor before, so you could understand why he still loves to stay on the sea and fish as his leisure. When he caught a lot, he often gives us. To have some fresh fish and crab, here is like a luxury coz they are really expensive having them daily in your table is something. Not, like when we are in Philippines, we could afford to indulge ourselves.

And we know why, the freshness nowadays is hard to find, even to some people. Not funny to say, Sorry. I mean the attitude or character not physically on referring to people. Another slip, going back to my track, That makes it worth more than the frozen ones. Here, there are load of frozen fish you could get from the grocery. Some are even pre-cooked or prepared one. Meaning, you just need to put them in your pan or microwave. And voila, done.

It’s handy for the people who doesn’t have time to prepare their meal or to those who doesn’t really cook, On the box or packaging, you’ll see how it’s being prepare from 1, 2, 3… and you could only add some little leafy to put it as yours. I personally don’t patronize them. They are not worth for what it cost.

Oh my, I’m blundering again. Going back to him, he has been given a chance to see some part of Asia. So, to him; we are his reminder of his voyage. Sometimes, we spend talking over our wall with his wife. They are all retiree; I think they are around 70’s now. But I’m so impressed how they are so active. I would be puffing working around my garden but them… not at all. They would even offer me their hand to help me, when they see that I can’t cope up with my chores.

They are just an example of people that I have been grateful to have around me. They have given me more than that, they gave us friendship and as I’m happy to receive that warm bonding they have extended to us. I’m receiving them with pleasure.


Dhanggit said...

what a beautiful post you've got here!! i love crabs :-) specially the one with coconut milk :-)

Lyn said...

Yum look so good. I was born and grew up in Maryland the “crab” state. We use to go to my uncles and take our boat and crab in the Chesapeake bay for blue crabs. Some times we would get lucky enough to get a soft crab. That is where you eat the shell too. It is soft became it is molting off its hard shell. You clean off the eyes/mouth and innards . Flour and s&p it and fry it up in a pan. Wow they are good. I am going to get some flown here for my birthday in July :) will make sure to post some photos too! have a great week

Amor said...

Lucky you Maya,you have this kind of neighbor.My husband's been living inour apartment for 12 years and me for more than 7 years and yet we still didn't know the names of our neighbors,we just say hello whenever we see them.I miss the Pinoy style na maski layo pa na kaila ta sa mga tao ug nagashare pod unsa pagkaon na-a.

Pangahatag ana imong crabs beh kay ako na ibahog sa salad nako or gat-an ba kaha :)

Farah Deen said...

yes my dear, there are a lot of great people around, and we are just lucky to be friends with them! you know what? i am a huge huge fan of crabs! whenever my mom cooks crab, i would be the only one to finish it, i would take my own sweet time peeling them and enjoying the crab sweet flesh! I am drooling. we dont normally buy frozen ones here, but of course, where I am, it is easy to get fresh ones.

the donG said...

wow! not again. this is the third blog posts that featured really good tasty food. i can't eat at midnight! no i won't.

i really like crabs but i never tried the spider crab haven't seen one in the philippines. i tried eating curacha another deep sea crab and it taste really really good.

azillah said...

aguyyy!my lovebird, naglaway gyud ko aning imong crabs, barter ta i have behon here heheeheh.Have a great day!

Maya said...

DhanggitThanks you flattered me again. I also love it with coconut milk with a lot of ginger & jalapeños. This would be a fight to remove me from the table.
But there’s one that I’ve been trying to copy was the chili crab in Seafood Market resto in Phil. Until now, I can't perfect it. Imagine, this obsession started since 1987, believe it or not, I still can taste it when I’m thinking about it.

Maya said...

LynI'm so much in to soft shelled crab, my mom do the same, just some batter flour with some spices then dip fry it.

You're childhood memories are really a treasure,Boating & crabbing are something that we're looking forward to do.I'll be waiting in july to see that post.

Amor Oh, i heard that it's like that in the city, like in Manila,too.Just wish that where you be transferring to your new place, you'll be surrounded with people like here.
Lagi, the crab with coconut milk is yummy.

Farah, we could have a competition on eating crab & how could take its meat fast.The only person who doesn't really like crab in this house is my Hubby.

Yes, you're luck to have always fresh seafood there.

DonGWhy not you can't eat in midnight? Don't tell me your in diet.Kidding,DonG.

We don't have this one back there.They are really good but they but its to spikey. Good thing we have some nut cracker to help us.

Azillah Sige,gusto ko tong puto ug bihon mo,langga.Mahilig ako sa kakanin natin at sya yong super palpak ako.
Lami kasi lab-as nia aku ang crab.

Shiela said...

Lami kaayo na langga ba. Gai ko bi. Sometimes my husband and his friends go to London vere early in the morning to get live crabs and fresh fish. But in your place ginapanghatag lang. How lucky you are my dear.

A Simple Life said...

being grateful means you are a good person too. it's great to be around good people. you definitely deserve to be surrounded with good people because i can feel you have a good heart too.

i love crabs.... pahingi! wink, wink ;)

Analyse said...

errr, can i have a crab delivered at my doorstep? wow, lucky you! im a crab fan, but as you said, what we could have in dijon are frozen ones, so i still have to wait till we go to the seaside to have fresh ones.. when i go to the phils, my mom knows what should be on the table, crabs! not from manila, but from zambales of course!

Peko-peko said...

you are indeed lucky to be surrounded by good people..anyway good attracts must be a good person too :-)

eastcoastlife said...

These crabs look so good! I love crabs.

Maya said...

Shiela Anhi lagi diri.He never fail not sharing us. or we could also get some ourselves.

A Simple Life Thank you,shy tuloy ako sumagot,Liza.

Ana This i can't remember that you mention loving crabs.neithertheless, i love to now what to serve you next time we see each other.

About you going in the seaside,i don't think that it's once in a blue moon.lakwatsera ka di ba?

Remember that you and the frenchie fighting over a coque(cockle) & eating raw in St.Guirec Beach here.

We know a new place we could get some oyster that might trill you more to see Bretagne again.

Peko-peko Thank you,another attack of shyness.

But about the surrounding us,i can't ask more. Reason that we can't easily live the place.

ambrosiality said...

wow that is so... nice of him!!

secret: I've never eaten a whole crab or lobster, because I'm not sure how to open it. lol so I use crab or lobster spread ha ha

Lalaine said...

wow!! I love crabs too! of my favorite now is to make it as crab curry. You;ve got kind hearted neighbors too..

By the way, I tagged you at can do it at your own time.

Take care!

Analyse said...

haha, now that's interesting! but hey, we need more than a room now!

Makis said...

The crabs made me drool! I don't see this kind of crab here in the South.