Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Soirée de Conte

Last Tuesday-The kids are really expecting that day. The Parents' association had organized a “Soirée de Conte en Pyjamas” (storytelling night in pajamas). Our two little ones have different timing, one for the maternal and another for the elementary students. So, we have arranged it with some parent to pick up the boys & D’man has to bring Sophia & Delphine and watch with them.

As expected, the kids were so amazed with the narrator and have been mimicking his lines and actions on how he delivered his stories. The light on their eyes as they recounted was so much to grasp without you cracking a smile. My kids were having the best of their times, on that i could tell. And so is the man of this shack was so impressed how the night went well. He was even interjecting some missing lines the kids have omitted unconsciously.

Sophia after her narrating the stories she heard, she told me “Mama, every word I told you the man say its all true, you may check them in the dictionary, he said. Really believe me.” Plus she has this wide assuring eyes staring at me and punctuated her lines with a nod.

Now, you think it’s wise to laugh? Or just smile, like I’ve ended up doing & affirmed that what he had told them are true. I could find the words in the dictionary.


Liza said...

looks so much fun ;)

as for the sage, i haven't tried using the fresh herbs yet, inuubos ko pa kase yung dried, hehe. but i think you'll be using more with fresh leaves mas aromatic kase yung dried.

Maya said...

Thanks liza. I still have dried some of my herbs been thinking on doing it. do i need to air dry them?

Farah Deen said...

oh how cute are them both! you should have put up their videos when they were narrating the stories. how interesting is this concept of story telling in pyjamas.

those 2 girls of yours are so pretty!!!