Monday, April 14, 2008

An ado( adolescent), he is...

I been reviewing his video that he took last Feb. They have an excursion in Paris for their history class. I think it was four day including travel time. We, d’man & I were so excited for him to do the visitings there, seeing the land marks & more… I told him to bring our video cam but he wanted only to have a small numerical cam, I have. He doesn’t want bulky one to walk around.

Then, he arrived at home from the trip; he was buzzing us up with his stories. Everyone was paying every detail to what he was saying and we waited for him to give us how he finds the historical spots there. It only comes like a preposition to his phrases. But how could we be mad or disappointed on seeing him so happy saying the little details they did there with his friends.

The mumbling is so normal Julian to us, sharing every tiny bit of his escapade. That makes us so happy because he still confides to us. This is one of the moments that we often have a pleasure to know what our kids feel & think, they gave it to us freely by themselves. Secret seems doesn’t exist to them.

D’man was amazed how our kids could not be so unguarded and they have no personalizing things or being private, everything is for sharing. According to him, it’s not their way here. This is one of the reason, other parents here adored our children because of their unusual traits as they put it.

Anyway, going back to Julian’s videos. We couldn’t help but laugh… and understand that he is really a young man now; his discovering Paris was the way when we were our teens, and perhaps I’m speaking for me & D’man. How he (Julian) does his video & choice of songs just exhibited to us that soon this young person would be away from us.

D’man was saying, we have to travel again all together and most of all, to cherish those moments. Before he goes to university, coz we only have 3 more years to have him always with us. Who could argue on that? He is actually enjoying on playing with him on his baby-foot & electronic gadgets. Yes, got 2 adolescents in the house sometimes. I felt like I’m the only adult in the house, granted that I’m the eldest one here. That doesn’t need to be rubbing on me either.


Pinay Jade said...

Hi Maya,
It must be nice to have a kid like Julian :)

Thanks for the sweet words you left for me.It is greatly appreciated.

Analyse said...

a peek to an ado's life - na nanonood pa ng cartoons nyehehehe..

Farah Deen said...

Maya, your son is surely a young man now. and I can imagine how you must have felt...I guess I will too one day when Syabil grows up and starts going on a school trip like this, and be so adult in telling us what he did with every single detail.

Great to know he had fun in Paris! and's so nice, you all could speak French so well too right...I've always wanted to be fluent in French, such a beautiful and romantic language!

Maya said...

Ana kakatuwa no?kaya ang gu
lo ng kuha ni Julian dahil di niya mapigilan ang tawa nya. kasi yon ang mga super playboy ang dating tapos sa cartoons pa rin.

Farah thank you.. it's true you feel happy & sad to see them grow so fast.but still grateful that they still open up to you.
They speak french,not me if i could help it.I'm really bad on french.

Farah Deen said...

Maya, your french might be bad, but you can totally survive there without any language problems! so, that's cool.