Saturday, April 12, 2008


When I was young, I was crazy enough to let my future be guide by a fire tree. How is that? You may ask. Let me tell you how insane I was before and perhaps I still am inside now.

Let us go 18 years ago. I was in my teen that my surrogate mom con aunt and I, been into this decreeing things- it’s a way to affirm what you want in life by vocalizing it and then we break our wine glass to shield it.
One of our drinking nights, we were having our wine & some crazy thoughts passed. I was facing our new landscaped garden with a fire tree that we had cut from its upper mid-trunk. We were both admiring the garden to how we were able to transform it into a jungle. Then, she was soliciting my opinion about the fire tree because it looks like it's already died at that time. I’ve told her that best to let it like that, it would be great to have erected driftwood looking in our trellis.

Then the decreeing started, I’ve decreed that when that tree will have a twig, to whomever I’m going out with. I’ll take him more seriously than usual. I was a bit playful when I was young. Timid is not what you can be attach to my name. Therefore, by decreeing on that, it has more meaning to her (aunt) and me. We did have more decrees but I don’t need to tell you.

A year have passed, the fire tree gave me that twig as my sign. I was going out with someone at that time; he was the out of norms that I used to go out with, he’s almost like a nomad artist. As I am, I stick to what I declared.

My relationship to that person didn’t really go well, our trekking together have been hard. It was neither all bad nor good. But it did end eventually. Nevertheless, granted to have two beautiful boys as blessing more than enough. They makes me more a person, I am now.

The first fruit of my Fire tree have now turns to its maturing age. He was the really first breathe of my life. How crazy it may sound my ways to others. Or on hearing the circumstances to have my treasures. I have no shame for I have learnt a lot from my experiences. My boys are my life, for they are my cane to reach my path now and they keep me on the track.

I knew I had a choice to break my decreed for it was just a game but I did not. Not saying it was a wise move nor bad one. I’ve made my choice and passed its course. What it gave me is more to be proud of that’s my boys. If I were given a chance to change my course, I would take the same path because I won’t miss having them (my boys) in my life.

Happy Birthday, Julian!!!

"You 're my true guru, my first breathe of birth, my first real best friend and so proud of you how you become now. I love you with all my kabaliwan (craziness) you know that, And for taking care of me.

As i keep on telling you, you 're the one who made me nice person. Thank you so much."


azillah said...

wow! what a proud mom you are..Happy birthday sa imo precious son.

Maya said...

Daghang Salamat, Azillah. People who knew my son ( ops sorry,d'man) our son would understand me why i'm so proud of him.

Liza said...

happy birthday to him too.
congratulations on raising him well.

we all make mistakes , and from those mistakes we learn... from those mistakes we get 'fruits' too, and that's the best part. if i were in your shoes... i'll take the same path over and over again.

take care maya. hugs

Maya said...

Oh Liza you really prove to be a wise, beautiful person.
Yes, so much to be proud of him. My husband take them as his ,so does his family. if people would ask if he want to have a son, he(d'man) would always say i already have two.

Shiela said...

you're such a strong woman...and i'm proud to be your friend.

take care always.

send my birthday wishes to him.

Shiela said...

diay naa ko sa work karon...naka blocked ang message. norwich is 3-4hours away from gatwick. if you want to go there naay airport sa city.

Maya said...

Salamat Shiela. i dont know if i'm strong, i just have this not backing out attitude. & even i make mistake, i always ready to take its consequences. its how i learn.Some people take it as a bull headed person. i don't.

aha man mo dapit? kay gwapo unta mag-EB ta, kung muadto me.

Shiela said...

asa man nga place dire imong brother in law?
sure kita ta pag makaanhi ka puhon dire. have you been to central london? ingna lang ko kanus a para maka request ko og off.
asa tuod ka sa pilipinas?

dire ra ko nag message kay off ang cbox dire sa unit.

Shiela said...

sige ba. asa man ka sa mindanao?

Farah Deen said...

Happy Birthday Julian, you are the first in the family, so I bet you had all the love and joy when they received you in the baby bundle! anyway, I am very sure you are still special today too, as you grow wiser now.

Maya, you have such beautiful kids! really and sincerely, they all look so poised and really good looking too!

Happy birthday again Julian!

Maya said...

Thanks Farah, he's more my way,actually.
We are always happy & love him so much.

Jojo said...

Ohhhhh how precious nila!!!