Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend @ Vitré

We passed our weekend with our friends at Vitré near Rennes in Bretagne (Brittany). Seeing the new haven of Yann and Ludivine was really great and more to it, Morvan and Hélène was there, too. - These two couples always do visit us, when they visit their parents as they further took their way to go to our place. We been always reminded to visit their place and have some feasting with them. Our reason was our old trolley but now that we have a new one. These past dues need to be paid back. As they knew, we are having three little monsters in towed. They have set a day out for them, too.

When we arrived the fête were rolling… from bonjour to handing apéros (Drink before meal) & kids recounting their history of preparation to go there & what they brought to mess-up the place, to how much they were so excited to play there was enough to warm the place. These couples, they’ve been so great to have patience hearing the endless recounts of Sophia and Gabriel. Then as Yann have been so wise showing them (kids) the games they have. Everyone was so much attentive to every word Yann told them, to have their hands on the games.

We three couple started chatting along with our apéro while we’re waiting our dinner. Everything went so smoothly and the meal was as always great, "Ludi you’ve done it again." Then after we settled the little ones, as we have planned to go out and check the bars as they live in the center of Vitré. We were having our time to discover & its night life. We were impressed how much they have in there, in comparison to ours. As we drink out night away… I can’t help admiring the city walking back to their apartment.

The old Ville just so great to see it in paved stone alley & old houses with exposed timbers panels in it façade, with some baroque painting, it called maison à colombage here. I’ve always get fascinated with this type of structural design. I never get enough of it… love staring at every detail, even some are on the way of getting ruined. They are so beautiful.

The boys have stayed sometime doing their thing, playing wii & guitar while we (girls) dozed in our designated rooms. Then, morning comes after our breakfast we took off to the park for the kids. Then see the castle there & passed to the cathedral and so on.

But what this weekend so really great, we do it altogether. The two couples have been wonderful as always. Unconsciously, they were playing to be parents to our kids. And as I’ve told them at the end, they passed with flying colors. We are surely blessed to have good friends here. "On a passé un bon weekend, grâce à vous. Encore, merci beaucoup à vous (YANN, LUDIVINE, MORVAN & HELENE). À la prochaine."


azillah said...

wow! great weekend gyud Maya..summer summer na gyud dinha!

Maya said...

hahahaha... Dahil sa mga bulaklak lang ang mukhang summer diri,Azillah.Malamig pa rin... Now ulan ng ulan lang at super gray na naman.
Pero last Sunday mabait ang dios... maganda yon panahon sa Vitré but not in our place.

ludi said...

nous sommes très heureux que votre petite famille aient passé un bon moment! il faudra revenir car il y a encore beaucoup de choses à visiter sur vitré!gros bisous à tout le monde!...a bientôt

Liza said...

france is really a beautiful country, you made a nice collage girl. glad to hear you had a great weekend.

by the way, i have something for you in my blog

take care. mwah

Pinay Jade said...

Wow that was definitely a great weekend.I loved walking through, looking at old buildings as well when we were still living in Europe.

I cannot believe it's been a year that we have moved back here to Asia.

Farah Deen said...

Wow Maya,

Is this is festival, feast or just meeting up friends? Looks like so much fun and I really love and enjoyed your entry. Buildings in France are surely fascinating, it feels romantic just staring at it- let alone be in a beautiful chateau. oh, now I want to go to France.

Amor said...

Hello Maya,t'a vraiment passé un bon weekend avec ta famille et tes amies just by looking your collage photos.Dili ilhan lain angpanhaon usahay sa inyo kay sa pic,ok ang weather ba noh.Maayo paka duol ka ug dagat.

BTW,sa turun,dapat imo plaiton kay kana ganing itom na ang color sa saging na plantaine,hinog naman na sya.Tapos adto lang ka sa oriental store if na-a sila frozen or canned na jackfruit.Na-a bamo asian store dnha?

Maya said...

Ludi merci encore, bien sur on reviendra chez vous.prepare les cocktail,k?
Liza,Jade & Farah yes, its beautiful specially the old cities. you feel like inside barbara cartland stories.Thanks for the award ,liz.You two Farah & Jade should come here.. so much to see.
Amor merci, naa koy akapalit diri , umbot kung ngano, pero agadaghan ang mga asian food diri sa amua.Sulayan nako ni.daghand salamat.
karon gwapo ang panahon, naluoy tingaki ang ginoo namu.

Farah Deen said...

I really wish I could, and I want to. I have a friend in paris too, and she's always calling me there, well,it's not that cheap to travel to Europe, that too for the whole, let's see! :)