Monday, April 21, 2008

Stagnated by choice or not?

“Stagnated we are, but why? We always wait for the tide to come and carry us away, when we could have walked away. >>> Because we made our choice, here we stay or times, we disembark and go.”

Today the weather is in normal state, meaning rain, wind & gray= coldness. Perhaps, you find me sounding redundant. But it’s the fact here. As much as, we love our paysages (sceneries) we have to accept the bad side of living near the coast, specially this coastline. Sometimes, we couldn’t help hating the wetness & grayish aura that we often have to accommodate daily in our lives. The climate change really had done us all. The normal suffering has been prolonged. Not cool at all.

Now, it supposed to be Spring, we should have been outside doing our garden & walking around the coast before the tourist comes. Or I should be starting to remodel the rooms before my paint dries. But no, we are locked up inside the house and lost the motivation of revamping the rooms. And more, I’m tied to do some little indoor activities for the kids to avoid getting bored on their spring vacation.

The long weekend plan to go to England seems getting slimmer due to the weather and we’re lacking of time to book our travels. More on, D’man wants to take the road trip going there. So, long weekend won’t be sufficient to have the visiting we planned. So, I decided to stop looking for ferry’s fare. This needs rescheduling.

What left us is to pray to have decent weather to bring the kids to another region here. Discovering with them would surely be the best way to see more of France. So, where to? We have Loads of pending “I owe you a visit” to our friends.

Even last weekend we did start repaying visit. It was really great. We were blessed with good companies and beautiful sunny Sunday-Our medicine, to sustain what we have now.


Farah Deen said...

oh, I am sorry for you Maya. I hope the gray clouds will sail off and bring sunshine and flowers to the coastline soon!

See, we are totally in different part of the world, I always welcome and love the rain and you hate it! I would love if it's cold and gray here sometimes too....hehehhe maybe that's because it's summer here all year round right?

p.s: I still owe you the memes.

Maya said...

i know, before i was finding it mystical to have the grayish weather,specially with the coast & some feast here some play pipe bag its a wow experience.You feel like in highlander series.

but i think it one reason why people here fell on depression due to the weather, before i find it silly, but not now.
Ps: take you time,Farah preferred you enjoy your vacation.