Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Red ROSE for Ladies

From the bottom of my heart
I wanna say thank you

for this beautiful red rose award.

You made my day!

Red rose

has number of thorns in it

when it pint your finger it hurts

Everyday in my life is just like red roses.


life is not always bed of roses.

But life is great

with God.


it's my turn to share this red rose.

I am awarding

the following


Creative Thoughts [Irish]
My World in My Own Word [Shiela]
The Moment of Past [Azillah]
Life & Me [Pinay JADE]
Rojoy's Kitchen [Rojoy]
Thank you my dear friends.

You are awarded with great appreciation.

See you around here as often

God Bless You!


Liza said...

you certainly deserve it maya, for the past two months (tama ba?) that we've been visiting each other, i've come to know as a sweet, sweet person. thank you so much for always coming over, imagine 3 yun but you never fail to visit :)

take care and regards ;)

Liza said...

*know you

Maya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maya said...

i made a mistake, sorry.. anyway it was my own respond comment.
Liza you facinate me so much.. & i do love reading in your site.I'm thankful to you actually.

rojoy said...

Hi Maya Thank you for this tag I really need this at this moment. Thank you for your words. it means a lot.

Shiela said...

salamat kaayo sa red rose. you made my day.
take care always.

A Simple Life said...

thanks maya ;) i think that's why my kids call me super mommy hahaha.

hay naku, somthing happened yesterday, you can read it in my blog if you have time :)

take care.

A Simple Life said...

thanks maya! i needed that. we moms are the first ones to get scared when something happens to our kids. but we have to let them on their own in order for them to learn.

take care.