Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My little chef turns 6

Time does pass so fast. I can’t help being nostalgic seeing my babies growing. Month of April, two of my kids are having their birthday, my two ends (eldest & youngest). I have so much to be thankful having them in my life. Seeing them grow like they are now makes me so proud & happy.

Today, it’s my little chef birthday. As much as I would like to share you her traits, I seems can’t put them into words. Perhaps some tidbits would do.

She’s the one who would asked you to close your eyes for her surprises… like doing her own room, cleaning the cupboards without asking her, to share her goodies she recieved, handing you some wild flowers or her drawings as her gift to you.

She’s the one who could make all of us crack in bargaining… the one who doesn’t accept "No" for an answer, it’s not acceptable to her, a long term will do. However, she doesn’t asked too much and most of her asking are not extravagant stuff, too.Sometimes, she ask something expensive you couldn't buy,tell her your reason then she would just say "ok, next time perhaps,if we can" on it. No whinings will fall.

Cuddling she loves though all of them loves it. It never had been an issue to this household to show emotion. It is a big no- no to them giving pains especially through words or physical one. Because of this, sometimes, she becomes an outcast to her friends’ games she doesn’t like playing that hurts others.

To her age, you can sense that she gives big importance to family. Sharing and giving are normal to her. Her comfort is us as we all to her.

And as much as she appreciates compliments she shy away when she felt being given too much. She understood that her beauty lays on her attitude, not on her physical appearance.

She is our little cook, our nurse, our little mama and our baby in one.

Happy birthday, Pia!


A Simple Life said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIA!!! She is such a lovely girl, just like you :)

No hurry with the tag, i know you're also a busy mom, wala naman time frame yun hehe.

Take care sister!

Maya said...

Thanks,Liza.she is really nice more pinay in attitude mahiyain.

i'll do it after this week ha.kasi yon panganay ko sa sabado yon birthday nya.

Farah Deen said...

Pia darling....Happy 6th birthday to you. Well, the way your mommy wrote about you, it makes me smile and also feel sad at the same time. Sad, well because I feel you and I know you are such a precious little angel at home. And let me tell you this too- You are such a beautiful young girl, i really love the pic your mommy put up in the blog.

Pia, I wish you all the happiness in this world, I wish you grow up to be a beautiful girl inside and outside. Kisses and hugs from aunty Farah, baby Daryn and Syabil.

Maya said...

Thank you Farah. i'll be reading this to her later on. she's in sch now. she did some choco & banana cupcakes for her school mates.

Her little party will be next month coz the weather here is not that good to stay in the garden.

she's very excited to have it.so we were preparing her invitation and some games.

But this sunday we will have some small gathering for her & julian with family.

Thank you so much again,Farah.

Ambrosiality said...


she's super cute

Aww Happy Belated Birthday!! and when she reads this: Remind your mum that Diamonds are your birthstone :) but Daisies will do

Maya said...

Ambrosiality thank you... i will skip reading the diamond to her.go for Daisy....
Advanced Happy Birthday!!! enjoy your party,k?

Farah Deen said...

wow, she prepared cupcakes for her friends? She is indeed your little pretty chef! btw Maya, take care of her, she is a potential heart breaker with her sweetness and charm! LOL I bet she'll grow up to be a beautiful princess!

well, yeah, it will be fun to have the party at the garden,I hope the weather will be much better next month.

Enjoy the little gathering this Sunday Pia, and don't forget to post some pics here OK?