Thursday, April 3, 2008

Weekend wrapped

As much as, we want to be more organized with our weekend rooster, we can’t. There is always something popping up, up to the last minute. Our weekend seems been booked from 3 weeks before up to the last five minutes from the current time when our visitor/s’ arrival; some invitations and to top it off with, our ritual of buying our provisions for the week but looks like for weeks and of course, minor cleaning in our house.

And not to forget, we are family of five plus my little Sally (dog), it is normal something coming up, like kids’ activities and their invitees. Most important of all, our movie time- we all love-watching films together, looking like some sardines in a sofa. Then, teasing each other as if we were all in the same age. This is one of our moments as family time, which we have promised that we will never let go.

With these, we are always trying to have extra stuffs in our pantry. So, it won’t be a hassle to think about what to serve to keep the moment rolling. And when we have our visitors at home. It’s better not to worry about what to put on the table. Because there’s always a need of catching up with updates or simply enjoy the night with them.Or to bring some picka food when we are invited.

Now, I’m thinking, I haven’t had a solemn weekend for a long time, not that I’m complaining. But …but…but… I don’t know, how to cope up with my agenda now, feeling that I can’t command my days any longer. “I’m wrapped up!” This is a tired me talking. Gonna be ok soon, a self-consolation. “Yeah, right. Dream on!”


Farah Deen said...

oh Maya! I know you've got your weekends all lined up packed with activities, but what excites me more is that you are packed with your loving family and children all the time. that's really something. And, I know now...if i have to come and visit you, I need to book you a month ahead so that, you could spare some time to see me! hahahahaha

hope you get some rest this weekend, and what kinds of movies do you guys like to watch together? horror??

A Simple Life said...

take it easy maya, sobrang busy mo naman kase. but the wraps look really yummy.

i hope your having a great week kahit na super busy ;)

Lalaine said...

hi maya!

I'm amused because our latest posts are quite similar and I can truly relate with you..

take care!

Anonymous said...

wow! that's so yummy! wish i could try that one next time (drooling!!)

anyway, the cost of living in hawaii depends on which island you belong. we are living in the metropolitan area, honolulu's cost of living is 78.40% higher than the U.S. average. it is about 20%-30% higher for daily expenses to live here. the gas here in honolulu cost about $3.50 per gallon, groceries here are quite high as well so are utilities because everything is on tax. i should say if you have $40K-50K per year you and your husband can survive here, but if you have kids and they're going to school need more's so freaking expensive!

maya said...

I assured you Farah,if you visit me, i'll throw my agenda.And prepare your visit even if you informed me to the last minute.It would be my pleasure to see you & your family.You're room will be ready.

I always have great time naman, Liza but the preparation is really getting into my nerve.sometimes, i felt like i almost live in my kitchen.

really ,Lalaine. i'll be reading it later. At least i'm not alone.Not that i'm happy,ha?!

Thanks,Princezz for the info.It's so expensive.. we can't support that with our god!! i was telling to hubby about your estimation. "oh, my god" only thing that he could come out.

Thanks for appreciating the's so easy to do it.Nothing special about it.

zingtrial said...

Hi! you have a nice blog liked reading it (if you don't mind) :).
Wishing you well

Ambrosiality said...

lol I saw that picture & screamed "Food!" ha ha

Maya said...

Thanks,Zingtrail & Ambrosiality.Happy that you like what you see in my blog.