Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ocean Eleven

Liza of "A Simple Life " had passed me this Tag.

You were right, doing it without cheating make it more fun. Thank you so much for tagging me & allowing me to do it late. Perhaps, that’s one reason that I never able to tag you with properly coz you already have them. Or simply you’re so known & loved in eworld that people tags you so much.

Name 11 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don’t read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 11 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first.. No cheating.
1. Julian
2. Gabriel
3. Sophia
4. Lariene
5. Farah
6. Liza
7. Gracey
8. Azillah
9. Rojoy
10. D’man
11. Ambrosiality

Tagging you:
Jan April, Mon BRic a Brac [Francine], My Daily Ramblings Rendezvous [Princezz]
Sexymom and Fil-Am Journey
Hope you enjoy doing it as i do. Do take your time and do inform me when you publish it.

1.HOW DID YOU MEET #4? We’ve met through a friend. She & her hubby visited us last summer. We became more than friend now, right?
2.WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITHOUT # 6? I’ll go havoc…. I just met her by blogging, for what I been reading in her blog. I ought to have an EB with her when I go back home. Or perhaps ask her to visit me here. It’s an open invitation.
3.WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF #2 AND # 6 WERE GOING OUT? I don’t mind as long as #6 buy my son some food. He’s gourmand. And if #6 would love to play parental to #2.
4.WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF #5 CONFESSED HE/SHE LOVES YOU ? Then, I’ll love her more. I’m really loving this woman. Read her blog you’ll see why.
5.WHO’S #10′S BEST FRIEND? ME and the rest of his groupies!
7.DO YOU MISS #2? Yes, when he is out of my sight & sleep over to his friends.
8.WHO IS #11 DATING? Should I say, huh?
9.WHAT DO YOU THINK OF #3? She’s my angel.
10.WHAT DO YOU THINK OF #9? We haven’t met in person yet, but I have a feeling that she’s really a person that I have to know better.
11.WHAT WOULD U DO IF #4 AND #7 were dating? If its friendly date, I would say that they would click, one sweetie & one funky. But both open minded.
12.WOULD YOU MARRY #8? No, I haven’t change my sexual preference yet & I’m already married. However, she has some galore to which her man finds her refreshing, Right, #8?
13.DO YOU LOVE #10? I think so that‘s why I’m still here with him.


Farah Deen said...

oh..this is the sweetest tag surely, and I am so flattered as I see my name at #5! wow! and of course, I do love you, and I am sure you know it too!! :)

p.s: here to do the meme you tagged me with...and Pia dear, I would love to have you around too, I am sure baby daryn would prefer a big sister than her naughty brother now she refused to share his toys with her! LOL

Maya said...

I do really love you Farah.. it show,right. I know.... so glad to know you & would be happy to really see you in person with your adorable family.

hahaha...They do have this stage of not sharing actually.It will pass so quickly by making them see how beautiful to have something than can be played by everyone.
Sophia love to play big sister to some kids here. we always ready to have some little people doing sleepover.

Liza said...

lol... i love this tag and i love all your answers. i'm flattered, you are so sweet! and of course i would love to play with your son.

hmmm... with regards to your invitation, i'd love that :) sana pati plane ticket hahahaha.

off topic: we both love jellybeans, what's your fave flavor? mine are pina colada and coconut :)

take care maya, and i'm really looking forward to meeting you personally, so you have to inform me if and when you are coming home :)

rojoy said...

Oh Maya, I will be glad to get to know you too. Only I can say to you hilomon kaayo ko hehehe. Thank you for being one of the 11th person that were in your mind while doing this tag.