Thursday, April 3, 2008

Burn out

I’ve been lure by the sun outside but I can’t do anything about it. Thinking of mowing, but knowing that it’s still wet and our toy mower would not be able to cut the grass properly. And more, I have pressing thing to do, like slicing meat for kikiam. I’m trying to avoid getting frustrated and finish all the requested dishes that I need to do for a friend’s birthday party.

Yes, they like kikiam (chinese dish). It’s a click to everyone, who has tasted it here. To a point that they keep on complimenting me that really makes me so uncomfy, would makes me wish to be invisible at that moment. One time, I even went under the table to hide. I’m so bad on receiving them (compliments). Though, I’m truly happy that they appreciate it, to a point on requesting to have it in every occasion.

Now, I’m starting to get bored on doing it. I feel so bad, can’t seems cut a meat. Hope by writing it down it would help me want to do it. I only got a day. However, I have done the other request already. There are 2 more to go. Sorry to bore you people.


zingtrial said...

Now I am hungry He!He!He! dribbling over the keyboard. i'm not very good at cooking.Food is our common ground, a universal experience.:) wish you well

Maya said...

Thank you,Zingtrial.I love food to much that i can only make me happy & cry at the same time, & can change my moods dratically.
I agree with you food is essential to everyone. wish you best.

Ambrosiality said...

I can imagine making something over & over again would make you tired.

HA HA you went under the table =) one of my friend does that when I embarrass her.

I also googled Kikiam, and it seems lovely

Maya said...

Ambrosiality & doing the kikiam gave me callous on my left index finger, due to slicing the meat, can't used electrical chopper. it well destroy the looks and the feel of it.

Never did thought that it made me go under the table,when were having dinner at that time.i was so ashame!!!

Our kikiam is a family recipe, actually this is one of the few recipes that i never alter.

Dhanggit said...

hmmmm, kikiam.. i have plenty of good childhood memories of kikiam, i really loved it, its been a long long time i havent eaten one :-( dont think my hubby will like it hehehe his not a big fan of chinese dishes and besides i dont know how to do it hahaha you should give me a lesson on this :-)

Farah Deen said...

Maya, I am very sure you are a great cook! don't ask me why or wrong, because I just have the instinct that you are a great cook!!!

Kikiam sounds and looks delicious.I love anything to go with chilly sauce dippings! just like the spring rolls.