Monday, February 11, 2008

Adornment reflects you?

Adornments are so many in forms, arts, colors and…. are not just making someone stunning or fashionable.
It’s a fragment of unstated self-reflection as an individual, within cultural background, beliefs, social status and more…
Also it shows individual’s adaptation of something new that pleases personal taste. Consider as growth.
It also helps how to project emotion. We often see people metamorphosing through adornments. Showing a part of our personality on how we adorn ourselves.
However, it doesn’t fully defines a person.

Gifted with having vision, this adornment can be tricky… it could put someone particular category personalized by the looker.

Anyway, what matters most is, Are you happy what you’re wearing now? If yes, then flaunt it.


Jo said...

The patterns are exquisite. So delicate and feminine.

Maya said...

thanks,Jo.I do it free hand. You fatten my heart.THanks again.