Tuesday, February 26, 2008

D'man with his superlatives

Superlatives : toujours(always),jamais(never), tout le temps(all the time), aucun(e)(nothing), vraiment(very) and more... These are some of his word amplifications, always attached on his opinions. Which for me, it's a trigger to illuminate my facial lines. Nothing sightly about it. I assure you.

Another issue between this wrecked couple is how some adverbs of frequency have been misused or misplaced in their phrases. D'man of this shack just love using them. At first, I thought he was just practicing his English.. a la Word Power baga.

Lately, I myself have been acquiring the french equivalent of it. And hearing him using the french one.It can't be associated as a word power drills any longer. For some time now, these practices are getting off hand. And it tickles my nasal to exhaust flame.

I 've always thought, he's the accurate one between the two of us. A mathematical man. Now all, i can hear are exaggerations to the highest level (ting..ting..ting). And worst, he has the believing tone along with it. How in heaven's name, I could argue with an upright nose? You tell?!

But there are times that I could actually give a heart-filled laugh when he's on his attacks of "doomsday narration" mode. how it amused me as a listener. But not when my humor abandons me due to lack of sleep.

Even living together for many years. Acceptance of ways still on process. There, I beg that you dont think i'm bashing him. I'm just stating that we have some probs or differences like normal couples, shallow or wacky it may sound. This states that we are not always inside our rosy blanket.

Anyway, I should have just charged it to cultural differences or something.. and get a decent sleep.


Phil Burgess said...

yes being in relationships is not always easy. I am 62 and still learning a great deal. My third wife and I have been through some difficult times over the last twenty years but each time we move on and learn something new. If there is truly love as the foundation and a will to learn and grow then what more can we ask. If you ever feel like coming for a retreat or just having a chat over a difficult period please feel free to contact me. www.casadellanete.com

maya said...

Thank you PHIL. A word from a wise man,what more i can asked.
" If there is truly love as the foundation and a will to learn and grow then what more can we ask."
There's nothing.
Its a pleasure to see your place becouse your there.

A Simple Life said...

Hi May! hehe, promise hindi ako tumawa agad ;)

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normally you copy/paste lang then you change the answers.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to message me ;)

maya said...

ok lang Liz.. kahit napaihi ka pa sa kakatawa.Tlgang hindi ko alam.Pero super galak ako ha. Buti na lang at makita ko agad yon instruction ni SHIELA. I was about to knocked my head of. and screaming like " what an id, what an id...!"