Monday, February 18, 2008

The Ruins of Tonquédec (TONKEDEG)

While I'm waiting for some positive response from my sole prospective employer. I was indulging myself looking through my snapshots. Crossing with.....

"Château de Tonquédec"

In breton, Its Tonkedeg. The Château dominates the valley of Léguer, west side of Côte d'Armor in Bretagne region. The Origin:

"Viscount Prigent, the last known Viscount of Tonquedec, marries his eldest daughter to Geslin de Coetmen. Together the two begin the story of Tonquedec’s Lords.

Geslin de Coëtmen, belongs to the family of the Dukes of Penthievre, a younger line of the Sovereigns of independent Brittany, and is the owner of Coetmen Castle.

13th to 14th Centuries: From the 13th to the end of the 14th centuries the Viscounts of Tonquedec and Coëtmen are at the crusades."

[These coloured captions were taken from a couple, who happens to have more information about Tonquédec historical lines. "Thank you for filling up my curiosity and enriching my knowledge about Bretagne." In return, I've taken the liberty to promote their site.please click on the link. ]

I vividly recall, how wonderful it made me feel touching those stones.It has proudly stood still all this time. And even with moss, they seems more beautiful to me, rather than imagining it in its stage of glory. This ruin... makes me see more than I could see in my life time. Histories have been written in every block of stones, it carries. Some historian may defer, who am I to argue...

"All i know, I can't put words to how i feel about this place...for I admire how it stood by the time ."

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