Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Letting go, your BUDDY.

Another day to start. Hubby & kids are out & me staring at my "need to do" list. Telling that, I should clean our bureau preparing it for a facial-lift. Almost raced to the second floor with a coffee mug & tobacco in hand. Stunned, what lays on a 5 m² room.

Asking myself, why did I CALL this a bureau ? Ooh, coz it got a 2 processors with one monitor, printer, office table with a pitiful chair & bunch of files clattered. Other than that…nothing more, Just… junks, boxes, a cabinet with a broken handle, some travel souvenirs and funny photos of my kids hanging on the wall with a draft of late 60's wallpaper, inherited from it's former owner. If it's floral. I won't mind, Got a heart of a hippy.

Now, summoning the courage to get me started. It's nowhere to be found. Slowly, letting myself be seated, rolling my tobacco to calm me down. Well, a minute to check my email won't hurt. Another eye popping. Sh.., am I that lazy?
Let's not answer that one. "Anyway, got loads to do." Only justification i could come up. I continued scrolling down, away from special offer, to see if someone loves me enough to write me. Slowly.... slowly..... and freeze…. then a helicopter sound.

"PC is thinking." hubby would normally say. So, what else to do but wait. Minutes pass and go....pass and go... What's more? Hearing, my old buddy Computer working its way with more intense buzzing sound this time.And me getting annoyed seeing a Sign of aging just screaming.
Pressing question is back. Weighing hard, Should I let it go?
Imagination works… My best buddy being crashed & compacted with some other unwanted PC. Conscience says,
"Cruel! Where's your heart, B? You were buddies since you've stepped on this soil."

Thinking what can be done. Even, hubby can't doctored it. The Sound is almost deafening. Then, silence falls.....tic... tac...tic...tac... can't make up my mind. Refuse to see that..
My BUDDY is gone.

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