Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday morning is such a drag

Waking up on Sunday like some school day is not a personal choice. It has been forcefully imposed by my kids. I wish, I could reprogram my little patrols(kids) to indulge themselves to stay in their beds until brunch time and sleeping like some angels. To avoid hearing them fighting over the remote control and “who's-turn-who” to watch or pick channel. Worst of all, hearing Sponge Bob sharing his wit.

& Me, dreaming to have time to play “tag of war” with blanket, after pulling out my white flag , then resigning by curling-up with hubby to warm me. (Nothing kinky thought please, Sunday morning,k. )

Unfortunately, this mama doesn't have this luxury. Forced to be awake & dressed with an apron to start a day. Down we go,Whisking some flours & eggs.. for pancakes, Got to leave the coffee making to hubby (self reminder) . He's not fun with my coffee, often tells me, it makes his nerve shaky. Too strong.

I personally loves it that way. Feeling that a big jolt is much needed to run this household. Or I 'll be outwitted by my télétubbies. Anyway, they still find a way how to outsmart me. And they do it so well. I know,This is something hard to swallow & ego bruising for mamas. Here my unsolicited tips.. laugh about it, don't take it personal and remember, you're not alone. And you may put me on your list. Certified wrecked Maman.

Darn, wish to be in bed still... rather then feel sorry later on, reading these blahblahs... pardon na lang.


Dhanggit said...

salut maya,

thanks for dropping by at my blog and for those kind words..i hope you wont mind i'll put a link of yours on my blog so i could visit you more often :-)

Maya said...

Thanks Dhanggit,
You flatter me by adding my blog.If you don't mind.I'll add you,too.Eventhough,your blog is already in my FOVORITE.