Thursday, February 21, 2008

My white nights...

Its been weeks having my attacks (insomnia).To a point that i voluntary gave-up my bed, for the sake of the Man of the house to have decent sleep. Or else, this shack will have two grumpy semi-adult brains running it. No good at all!

In my newly acquired sleeping quarter which I happily (in some occasion) shared with my adopted Sally. We're bonding great from watching TV and munching anything edible... to pass on our White Nights.

Though sometimes, I felt that she abused me by giving me those pleading looks to have my last slice of cheese. Darn, how I hate when I fell for it. Watching her nibbling my last piece of roquefort and finishing it with a lick(that did me!!)...& then throwing me the looks of “ Can you fetch us more yummies ,pls.” The heck! if i'll do it.

Childishly i've turned off the screen. She took the queue that I'm in a bad mood. And her as always would marched gracefully out of my sight with the air of “AS if I care.” Still, time to time making me notice that she isn't asleep and waiting for what she ask.

Oh non!! This mama is a hard ball,too. Off i go, had a feast with my eyes in Dhanggit's kitchen & Creampuff in Venice... From these bloggers, I scrolled down from their links of food lovers. "Yummy, now I can slumber in my couch."

PS: Sorry with the typo or grammar error, still in the moon.


Dhanggit said...

looks like im not alone :-) hehehe im insomiac as you.. and whenever my sleeplessness attack i imagine im in the kitchen cooking hahaha :-) but then it makes me even more stress :-) drink a hot milk with some lemon maybe it will help you put into a zen attitude bonne nuit :-)

Maya said...

Many Thanks Dhanggit.
I badly need a remedy. Count on, i'll be take that doze tonight.Big huges to you.