Monday, February 18, 2008

A la Mode de Mardi Gras

My little Missy was so hyper arriving from School. I can hardly make up what she was stuttering about. All I could hear was fluctuating tone of excitement.I started frowning to a bouncing kid in front of me. It made her calm in seconds.

She started back from “Mama il faut que, je m'habille (mumbling after.....) comme à Borcéliande, D'accord? ( mama I must in Borcéliande,ok?) And me, magnifying effortlessly my facial line being asked Où est-elle,mama?(where is it mama?)I stupidly asking Where's what?

Then i got slapped by “Don't you speak French, mama?” With strong French accent...Uh, that hurts!!! I was about to mimick her and gearing for the girlish fight. Then comes the Kuya.(elder brother)explaining it all to me. I finally understand what was the yackety-yak about.

Anyway, with all these ramblings. She just wanted to tell me that they should be in deguisement (costume) & they are allowed to have make-ups tomorrow for Fat Tuesday. Seeing her glowing with the prospect of being a medieval princess for a day. My cranky mood switch off.

Of course, being a mama i tried to explain what is Mardi Gras (to a nearly 6 yrs. old). And finding out that it will not give any fruit at all. The only thing that makes her stay hearing my "because of this ..because of that" is to know, if i'll put her my lipstick. Talking about fast growth.

In any how, It reminds me of our festivals back home in Philippines. They are sometimes being conotated as Mardi Gras. How I wish, my kids would see them...parading in colorful costumes, painted faces, masked, powerful drumbeat with ingenuous dance.

Like...The Ati-atihan in Kalibo,Aklan... Sinulog in Cebu... Masskara Festival in Bacolod... Dinanghay in Iloilo. Most of this feast falls under the month of January, except for Masskara in October. Wow, it makes me smile.Nothing beats home.

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