Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I've chosen this as my Wordless Wednesday..

for I don't only see a sculpted woman in granite

but a statue of a woman becoming a deity.

On my own thinking,

All women have the essences of

a goddess of fertility.

Guiding as Juno... Devoted as Isis... Protective as Artemis

and having

“Unconditional Love”

like Hestia.



Nice statue. At first I thought she had gas. LOL. Seriously our parks should have more art like this.

Liza said...

Beautiful! Happy WW.

A Simple Life said...

It's a lovely sculpture. Happy WW.

maya said...

Thanks you to

Happy that you leave some comment.
Have a great day!!!

Farah Deen said...

I love the way you say 'goddess of fertility' very well said! the sculpture is gorgeous too...it shows the strength of a woman, as a lady, daughter, wife and a mother.

p.s: thanx for visiting my blog, and great having you there Maya :)

Maya said...

Farah Deen, Thank you so much you made my day.

Ps: I did love every minute when i was in your blog.Expect my visit.

Lyn said...

a mothers love very nice!

jennifer said...

I really could have been the model that sat for the sculpter, I'm not pregnant but that is SO my body type! At some point, I would love to borrow your picture for my site. It really gave me a sense of the familiar! Enjoyed your post - Jennifer

jennifer said...

Went back, looked at it again, and I'm still lovin' it! Jen again.

Maya said...

Ooh,Jennifer.I also thought the same. My little rascals keep on saying so.
anyway, thank you so much & if you still like it. Then,
You're my deity!!!
The photo is yours.The statue is 2 mins. walk from my house.

June said...

Nice shot. I think sculptures are such beautiful creations. This one no exception. Thanks for your visit to Spatter. Happy WW.

mem said...

Happy WW!

Precious Moments said...


lareine said...

every woman is a goddess in her own way...

so to you, maya, the goddess of brittany, i wish you a good mythical day:)

swampy said...

I know this is probably supposed to add culture to my life...but, it just reminds me that I ate too many beans for dinner and drank one too many beers.
Excuse me.

Mrs. Love Books said...


Thank you for visiting A Book By Accident

maya said...

Thank you ALL !!!
It's a pleasure to see that you took the time to jot down something here. And how all of you shared your interpretation.

To: Maggie, liza, Farah, Mem,
A simplelife, Lyn, Jennifer, June,
Precious moments, Lareine, Swampy & Mrs. Love Book