Monday, February 11, 2008

Fingerpicking, picks my nerves

To those who doesn’t know fingerpicking, it’s a technique for playing some stringed instruments using fingertips or fingernails instead of a pick (plectrum). It creates new sound… highlighting notes & so on. You must be wondering why praise something that picks my nerve. So contradicting!
Tell you what. A bit of hubby’s other love. His guitar. A passion that I should be supportive, but no, I’m not. Though, I’ve given a hand to earn a bit passion like his. Yet, I’m having difficulties hearing it every time his at home. Playing his favorite guitarist so loud just irks me. Restoring on locking myself in my domain which is kitchen. Still, it’s high pitch find its way piercing my eardrums. Even brain humming my mantra doesn’t work. Plus, seating in a hard stool, just crack me more. Self-imposed detention, won’t recommend it. Gotto think fast before this becomes an issue once again.
Putting on my thinking cap.(think...think...) Voila, a headphone! Next level will be how to suggest it without triggering sensitive spot or would it be wise to give it as valentine present? What a romantic gist.( i know, i know... ) Evoking an undesirable howling in Valentine’s Day makes it's bloody red.

Jotting this down… is not meant to paint black on both of us. Merely showing that even we share great love to one another, doesn’t mean that, we favor the same thing. Individual living together have to learn to accept or mend its differences.

Ps: to those who love Fingerpicking check this kid named Sungha Jung from South Korea. He is amazing.( Not in payroll,just stating,k? ) He deserved to be Known in his craft.

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