Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday should never be confusing

Normally, i should be running up & down with rag & broom in hand. After setting on all the mechanical helps ( laundry & dish washer, dyer & etc... ) working for me. Can't help to THANK those INVENTORS making my life easier." Praise you people. "
If some inventors happen to lost their way here, " Can you please invent some MAGIC WAND." Pretty sure, I can handle the pointing thing, that's where I'm good at.
Oh non, need to do the ironing... doing grocery list...and pack for my little boy, while thinking what plate should i put on our table tonight.. Well, should say that i did the switching " ON " and cleaning the salon.

Guys, i'm allowing you to image me with an APRON but omit the lacey thing on my head, please. Stepford Wives persona? Not bad, but to be more realistic, don't envision me the OVER-indulging (wink) wifey and gifted with proud bumpers and humps. Tell you, don't mind having them at all.
Anyway, i should be doing those to prepare my weekend. So that, Monday won't be so miserable first start of the week. Having 3 monsters who are cuties when asleep. Sometimes, these monsters becomes 4 (sorry, lovey).

Instead, Here I am with my Ltop,writing & figuring how to launch my blog into the eworld. Adding those funny gadgets.. Just amazing. When i did things right, but most of the time, spend on grinding my teeth out of frustration. I ended up asking, " Where do i go from here? "

Blog for dummies, should be dummier ...for my sake. Hubby & friends knew, that I'm NO comprendo with computer. Lately, the copy & paste become my fave.

I got to go....SEEing the list? They are adding up.


lareine said...


i like the photo:) hope you're having a nice weekend... it's sunny but really cold here :(

Maya said...

Thanks,lareine.My little smiley makes me laugh,too.
Here,too.At night its too windy & cold. i'm having my pains again.i think,i'll be buying a cane soon.