Wednesday, February 20, 2008

BEWARE what you asked for

I can't help not sharing this. This line just really have a deeper meaning to my Eldest son. Let me break our confidentiality as mom to son.

Lets go back 4 yrs ago. He was in 5eme about to enter the adolescence age. Physical changing is on progress and terms of height and hairs.

And Him as an Asian or just in his genes had some little late on that growth. The year before that, he doesn't really mind, him different from others. It just, when he keeps on seeing in their locker room. How his peers having some baby mustache & bushes down their belly button. And the talks of using razor & cream... where he can't reliates.Tick him off.

These must be really bothering him a lot to confine to me. I told him that it will come & not to worry. Then he told me "mais(but) non, I keep on checking everywhere..... my arms, my legs, & nada in you know where. but I dont see them!" At first, I thought of giving him cookies to calm him down. [ Hey, its my first time dealing Ado.] I didn't. I took cookies for both of us and lifting his arm. Pointing to those microscopic hairs, I see. Told him " just wait, it will be darken soon."

After the pep talks. He's a bit calmer. But time to time... hearing him saying it loudly. How he felt bad. When girls told he shaves his legs or how his best friend caressing & saying “wow, your much softer than my girl friend.” Those makes him insecure about himself. I'm finding it hard not to laugh & cry at the same time. Coz i know that there's no recipe, i could find and cook to have those hairs appear. He keeps on hoping & praying to have hairs.

Then, 2 years passed, God finally grant his wishes. He's taller than me now. Which he brags often as he could. And YES!!! the hairs too... they are darker , longer & more. And the mustaches(oh, boy!).. yeah, he has some baby ones ( not much).Enough for him to enjoy having a “shaving time” to his heart content. You wanna know about the bushes, right? YES, it was an event to this household. The first visible strand was celebrated & rejoiced. And that was my last peek on him.

But the rest of hairs were badly distributed...How? Imagine your knees got mustache...& the rest of your legs & arms are's that to you? It becomes a laughing ground to us.(Don't worry, he also see the humour of it.)

Now as in NOW, he wants me to have a peek on his behind.( I know, it's disturbing...)I didn't allowed him to strip off, it's enough to hear his woes about it.(it also concerns hair misplaced)

Beware what you asked for,K?! My last line to him before escaping to the kitchen.


pinay_blogger said...

hi maya. thanks for the site visit.. i truly enjoyed reading this! :) i'm looking forward (with a bit of dread) nga to my daughter reaching her adolescence... hayy time really just flies..


Maya said...

Hi pinay_blogger. Thanks for visiting & good review. You'll love it, when she'll be in her Ado. She'll be ur passport to be teenager age. You'll see.


Dhanggit said...

reading this post makes me relived my own experience as a teenager when my hair started growing in "those places"..i have a six month old daughter so i still have enough time to enjoy her and when the moment comes for her to experience this i will surely remember of this post :-)

Maya said...

True,Dhanggit having kids we tend to relive our past woes.Cuddle her up so much'll need those when they grow-up.Wink

You'll know why...