Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gray can be grace...

This time of year..gray sky lurking in my horizon as often as I can count. It makes me a bit depressed (Ok, a lot) from time to time. How this shade can play on my emotion. In some stage, I see Gray is equal to Depression.

Through, living here for 6 yrs have taught me... What is depression. How it sucks the life out of you and the most important of all,To Know when not to lingers to your grayish(depressing) mood. Like I would have done before. No good would this feeling brings you. I tell you.

Now, I 'm learning how to use gray in a positive way . As a fusion to see what is significant in my life. It gives me the time to slow my pace to review my deeds....And more, it helps me to illuminate the things I ought to see best.

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