Sunday, February 17, 2008

Big Persona @ play?!

Here me, playing my dear wifey role, Watching and hearing the recaps of news about the BIG PERSONA in France & from hubby twitting mood about him.

Can't help thinking that, how the Big-tiny (you know who,right?) so dynamically playing with his newly acquired wand . To me, he seems loving it. Wagging and dropping some new spells in different sectors, & poor operators (law enforcers) getting confused how to interject the new magical spell given.
Wondering me... Is he boldly playing god? Reviving historical pains to 10 yr. old eyes. What good does it brings to them (children)? I don't know.

Or he's still on the transition of a newlywed, So Obliging and Giving. He might have felt the needs to bring Roses (offerings) to every doors, he knocks ... Or is he merely a loud thinker? Perhaps, people should have wait a lot longer before printing and pinning it on for public eye.
And you, What do you think?

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