Friday, March 28, 2008

Another Freaky Friday

Naturally, the kids have their routines every morning; in fact, I seldom need to lift a finger. I just awake to see if they have not forgotten stuff & reminding them, time to time that they need to return the stuff they took for breakfast. And of course, have my goodbye kiss.

But not today, I was awaken by hearing a galloping horse in the house, that's my eldest. What more he was asking me “Mama, how do I press my polo?” Densely, I was telling him, “You’re kidding me? It’s not time to learn how to iron your clothes; and please look outside, the weather is a sh**.” That didn’t stop him. Instead he went down and plugged the iron.

No choice for this mama. I need to race down then resigned by giving him some instructions and console myself by taking my dose of coffee. I was then left wondering, "What’s with the polo today?" He doesn’t normally go far as to provoke me to get off my bed this way, I often get a kiss to be awaken before he buzz off for school. Ouf, could be his one of his days.

Then, d’man & the 2 little monster went down. As they do their norms… The 2 little people start getting agitated; for what reason, heck, I don’t know. Gab started murmuring, a sign of discontent of something. When I asked him, he again started mumbling that he preferred not to have towel to be on his stash to his wind sailing class this afternoon. That's a big no-no for me. Then, he started on asking to change his windbreaker, water shoes and his shorty so on and on…

And as expected, Pia started her stuff, too. Like asking me a million times to prepare her costume for the dance they will present tonight in “soirée dansant” which the parents' association have organized for fund racing for kids' activities. Comforting her that I have the list prepared, but I felt like, they don’t understand every word I say. Coz they continue & continue …

My last resort was telling the little boy, "I think the weather is so bad for you to have your sailing class, you needs stay home. & you little girl, I maybe sick to go to the dance. We all stay here at home & have a quiet start of weekend for once." The brawling had stop. Bravo maman!

I’ve thought, the morning is back to normal and get my comfort of my coffee before sailing to help preparing the salon for the fête. But no, d’man having his sweetest smile asking me with an affirmation tone “So, we go with my choice of new trolley, right.” Oh no, not again. When would 8:30 am come? Can’t help thinking all these. I just want them out of the house. To have this, I need to answer him. “It’s your choice, but I’m telling you it screams bling-bling to me. And if you still go for your reason then I’m at your side.”

Then, they left off and here I am sharing my distressing morning to you. Before I set off to help & do some cake.


Farah Deen said...

Oh Maya, that's a handful! I guess, it's just another day when things didn't go the way you want it to be. Besides, those kids have their own activities, so, that's why they wanted to do what they want to do. Anyway, sounds like you've got great kids who listen to what you say- wonderful!

How old are you kids Maya? and hope you have a great weekends despite the bad weather! hugs!

Maya said...

Yes,Farah,they are sometimes handful.But i'm proud of them,i won't even want nor consider them to be someone else.They have their own magic that shines my day or dim them.
My eldest is goin 16 next month,Gab is going 10 & the little Pia will be 6 next month also.