Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Scorn from somewhere,perhaps?!

Man, don’t I just wanna cry, my only day off from normalcy and my phone is not working. “C’est pas juste!!! ( It’s not fair!!!) Waaaaaaaaah…..what to do?” I been going up and down to see the modem if it’s working and it is. Still got a connection (internet) and TV, noh? But the phone!!!! And what more, I forgot when was the last time I’ve used my mobile it must be somewhere and died. "This is too much!"

Now, how am I going to tell d’man that I’ve change plan. He needs to go home & eat his lunch here after fix my phone. I know that he would resist and say Mais maman ( but mama) then that’s the queue that I must take. Whining hysterically then say loudly, “You must be kidding me.” Then, change into desperate tone and say… “Come on, I need my phone, please.” If he still resist, Bargain time; I’ll say… “Ok then, expect that the dinner would serve in your "Dragon ball Z" time. You & the kids will surely be so unhappy.”

Normally it will work, but I have to find my mobile, first. Oops, Sorry. Its one of my attacks.

PS: Lareine, pretty please try to call me. Perhaps it will work?


Farah Deen said...

Maya dear,
oh my! I know this is not good news, but it's kinda funny too. I mean, landline phone not working and you don't know where your mobile phone is. hheheheh another question, did you leave your mobile phone in silent mode? if you did, then, even when others call you, you wouldn't know too. :)

hope everything is back to normal now...and you could smile again thinking of what happened earlier.

Maya said...

These are some of my attacks, Farah.Shameful i know.

Gracey said...

Maya!!! I so love you, dear! LOL! you're gonna have an unhappy hubby if you pull that thing. Lambing usually works to my advantage kaya I do that trick more often. Minsan naman nagsusungit sungitan ang lola mo para lang masunod ang gusto. What a brat, eh?