Monday, March 17, 2008

Late Reactor, we are.

Last week to be exact. We had a storm... Wind, it's 120 to 140 km/hr. It isn't unusual though, we been having it at least twice last year (I think). People here are going their way to go to the coast to watch the waves clashing to huge boulders and etc..We as well would have gone off to watch.

But we were more worried about our little girl having influenza and the shed,he built for our woods. D'man was worried that it might not resist the blow. So we have shrugged the idea to be spectators. And just do the normal routine. Him to work & me looking after my little princess. By the way,She was a bit of a whiner.

Then day goes by, normally on Wednesday Gab, my little boy should be going to his swimming class. But my friend called, telling me that the Forum where our boys go for swimming lesson got wracked. I couldn't believe that the outcome went that far. In my head, Oh non!!! I must have jinx the place on considering to go back on swimming. Its the only place here I could do my practice because the pools are heated through it I could defuse myself.

It made me wonder how hard was the hit really. So, I've started on checking on the net. & here is it. We were devastated how much damaged it have brought in our place. The beaches we proudly show-off to our visiting friends. Some cabins & walls eroded due to big splash of waves. And the bars that we patronized are also...been splashed.

Thanks to Breizhhim for posting his video in daily motion.
Lareine & Ana remember this place?

So, with calls & visitors we been having since Friday.. they were shocked that we didn't know and bother to see the storm nor look how it was. Them, who live so far have taken the time to see it. Their eyes were a bit wider in shocked that we didn't see it which they were almost under our noses. In some notion,they must have expected that it would be the dinner talks. Us showing our gathered videos or photos at least,but none of those were presented. So here our consolation.
Thanks to this man taking the time to go there ,when we could have done for 5 to 8 minutes walk from our house.

As apologetic as we are, we promised that we will be more vigilant and more informative next time. We see that we have really fallen into granny stage. Only thankful that we have good friends go their way to make us more active and aware outside out shack. Candidly they are also reminding us our “you owe me” a visit.

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