Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Moi?....ME?! ...Wow!!!!

(Rubbing eyes, once.... twice...) Is it really for me, FARAH?

Now... I'm blushing.

Woman you really know how to turn me ROSeY. I'll give you that.

Gush,Thank you so much....I'm running out of word. This is unusual.

Me.... FAB wow!!! Oh, You meant my blog.

Big hug..... Farah_Deen of "Apple Of The Eyes" , knowing that you deserved this award more than i do. So thankful that you have passed it to me.
As much as I want to hoard it...
I'm passing it to Lareine, Liza, Shiela & Mem. Blogs that I 'm fortunate to stumble and see that they deserve this award.


Liza said...

thanks sis! you're so sweet, but this is the second time i got this, so i won't post it na huh.

thanks again, take care.

maya said...

its alright Liza... you know that you're one of my Fave fab blogger.

lareine said...

thank you my dear maya for thinking of me re:these awards. i guess this must be my lucky day... i got four awards in a row :)

Skittles said...


Maya said...

Lareine, you know that i always thing about you.
Skittles, Thank you.And about your over with head & tail .. Wow!!! I'm toying with the idea now.