Friday, March 7, 2008

Credit card and diamond,who can resist?

I been showered with awards later...Don't question it, if I deserve it or not.

All I know, I'm happier to know more wonderful & creative people in blogging and able to interact with them.

So, when Farah_Deen of "Apple of The Eyes" have been so generous to pass me her Golden credit card... For a sign of newly found friendship which has been brightened up with diamonds.

Does this say luck?
Within a shorts period to be in blogging, I feel so rich... To have a friend like her.
Now,can you consider that I've been well credited & adorned with the right bling-bling? (wink) Though, as much as I would like to swipe it & flaunt my diamond.
These fortunes are too great to have it alone. I see more who could have this Credit card & Diamonds to the like of Lareine; Ana et Louna; Lalaine; Eds & Rojoy.
Even sharing them... I have kept the meaning of it... Friends Forever. Thanks Farah!!!


Petula Wright said...

Congratulations on being adorned!

Petula Wright said...

BTW: My blog is "It's a woman's world!" Check me out sometime! :-)

Farah Deen said...

Maya, isn't those 2 cool? LOL hope you have done a lot of shopping too :)

p.s: I would prefer you comment in the comment box rather than the chat box, as sometimes, I get too many messages there and I tend to forget...hehehehehe.