Monday, March 3, 2008

Warning: There's another ME.

From my last few entree, they are more on my self-reflective tone. And somehow, some good bloggers and friends. Have given me wonderful reviews. I've taken them deeply, teething on it and beaming the whole day. So, THANK you so MUCH.

To be honest, I don't consider myself as a writer. You see, I 've some grammatical errors and so on. No good with rules. Don't know why. I just keep on bending them to a point on break, too. So, its not my forte. getting appreciated on this is another thing.

But talking, YES!!! I'm a blah blah blah person, a chatter box by core. I could shift in second to another subject and go back after a minutes. Person in front of me would even wonder how a chimney(smoker) like me, finds a way to talk without take a pause for breathe. And what more, relates life to food.

Few friends knew that I could be .. relevant & an EMO. A lot refused to see it because they preferred that I'm bubbly and insane carrying them to my waterloo. (Down with the brow, pls.)

There, I've warned you. So, expect the unexpected here... It's not a personality complex or somethin'.It's just me.
PS:I'm open for critics, but please if you'll be a hard ball...Can you wait until i have my doze of coffee & had my morning confession.then, everything is going to be taken in context.


Farah Deen said...

Maya, this is one hilarious entry, it is supposed to be a warning too. hahahaha btw, i don't think i will ever be a hard ball on you, if i have to, i will wait till u get your espresso flushed down your throat! LOL well, i talk a lot too, and just like you, i jump from one topic to another, without any introduction! but, so what, that's how we are- bubbly people, the problem is that, the bubbles are getting stuck on my body too now....err...yeah, i need to diet, but i dont like exercising! opsss...there i go again...diversionnnnnnnnn!!!!!

btw, we write what's in the head and most of the times, we dont really look and check deep into the gramamtical factors, so what, as long as others understand what we are writing, we are safe! :)

maya said...

I was about to make my post about the dieting issue...
i do exercise BEFORE... dino time.
Thanks Farah...
I'll be quoting, hottie!!!

Analyse said...

i totally agree with every word you've written, kudos to you mama!