Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's your Dinner?

How I've tried not to start talking about food here... and now getting tag about it. Nevertheless, I should apologize to Rojoy, who have passed me this tag. Which it took me awhile to post it. I felt like explaining here. "Sorry, hear me please."

The time I found out she had tagged me. I was cooking our dinner as well for a friend surprise party. On the next day it was the party, then the day after some best friends visited us and lastly my little princess got sick. In Case that you wanna know, she's getting better. Hopefully I could throw her back to sch this Thursday.

For those who doesn't know and doesn't care to know, I'm basically a slave in my kitchen. Its one of my diversion to escape becoming a loony. What? No, nothing fancy cooking. (How I wish!) I'm more like an experimentalist. Luckily, I have a lot of guinea pigs around me. Be rest assured, No one yet get hospitalized.I swear.

Before I go further down the lane & talk more none senses. Let you have a peek on our plate. It was just a simple scallop with fresh cream dashed with apple cider vinegar serve with steamed rice and a salad.

For me, its one of the best way to serve a fresh scallop. A quick pan fry with a semi-salted butter do the trick. I don't mind opening the shell by myself, but I can't stand to feel its' “pulse” when I place it on the pan. Feel so bad.

I've yap so long, let me pry to your dinner plate Liza, Sheila, Mem and Farah.


Lalaine said...

I thinbk you're a great cook..look at that food! It surely looks delicious! :)

Liza said...

thanks for the tag sis, i will do this, may tag din ako sa yo, check mo a bit later, i'm still working on it.

see yah.

Farah Deen said...

wow, it looked so fine, just like the garnishing in a fine top restaurant! awesome. so, it's scallop, cooked with apple cider and vinegar? how does it taste? sourish?

i love cooking too and experimenting new recipes. maybe we should exchange recipes. hehehehe

glad to know your princess is getting better (and yes, i would love to know more abt her too) :)

Maya said...

Lalaine, Thanks for the compliment.. you fatten my heart.

Liza, You're WELCOME as always.I'll be harvesting the tag later too. coz it my little monsters are here with me.

Farah..Its not sourish.. the apple cider vinegar.; you just have to put like a spoon on the cream & simmer it a bit,until it get a bit thick..The scallop you just have to panfry it like 3 mins or less.depending on its size. its freshness give this sweet taste.

Farah Deen said...

Maya, sounds very mouth watering!!! how could you finish them all up before I reach there? LOL

maya said...

Thank you Farah.If u come here I cook for you.

Gracey said...

Good gracious! I am salivating just looking at that. It sure is mouth watering. Gotta go grab a bite 'cause that made me hungry. ;)

mlc said...

hey maya! the tag will be up in a few minutes. you may check later.

thanks again ^_^