Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Soirée Dansant" outcome.

Last Friday night, it was the “soirée dansant” as I’ve mentioned through my past post that the parents have organized this feasting for fund-raising for school activities, it is also as a welcoming of spring.

This type of occasion is something that all of us (parents) look forward to, seeing our kids performs some numbers, at the same time, to have constant socialization with other parents and the kids with their comrades. In some way, I could say, our little well knitted community has a very special warmth and free spirit person who gives more colors to our temperamental weather.

Going back to the soirée (night), it was wonderful to watch the children presentation. Everyone was glowing with happiness and so appreciative to every little people who have preformed that night. As they have bow, you’ll see how they enjoy the applauds they are receiving; some even get shy and hid from the skirt of their mamas, some are beaming to their ears and others were waiting for more clasps; in exchange for those content little smile. We, parents do cherish.
As the fête, had been initiated, everyone started going to the bar as I poured them their drinks. Yes, I’ve volunteered to be a bar girl with some couple of parents. We were able to fill their thirst, while waiting for the meal to come. Some were doing the cuisine.
Furthermore, some people are enjoying dancing with the kids & the rest were enjoying the nights by chatting, as they will have their turns, to do the serving and clearing up.

About the children, they obliged us with a second round of their performance, and like the first time, the enthusiastic crowd never wore out on applauding. Then, as children as they are,the salle de fête (reception room) turned into their huge playground. To others, it’s a start to have the fever to dance.The room just exhausts laughter and everyone are at their merriment attitudes.
Now, who could say, we parents stop doing fête?

ps: sorry with the wrong grammar.. still have hang over. it's an excuse, i know.


Farah Deen said...

it looked wonderful, surely the children had so much fun, and the parents would have a good time mingling too. by the way Maya, where are your kids in these pictures? :) I haven't seen any of their pics yet, and I am very anxious to get to know them! :)

Maya said...

the one with pink top over a long sleeves, with green ribbon on her pig tail,black legging. that's my daughter.

Lalaine said...

oh this sure looks fun! and the kids are just adorable!

Maya said...

oh,Lalaine, they all are adorable. I was beaming watching them.How amazing how little people could give you so much happiness.and telling me that i'm their best friend. i cant help but cry.