Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Last 2 years, this photo was taken. Their first egg hunt in our not manicured garden. We were lucky to have a beautiful weather at that time.

This Easter,We didn't have "the egg hunt" outside due to weather. With some luck, Our friends told Pia & Gab yesterday night that they ran into a bell (cloche) and found some parcels of giant eggs. In it says that they must be given to Julian, Gabriel & Sophia. The tale was so cute in french how they ran into the gifts.It doesnt sound right if i translate it in english.

“Merci beaucoup, Ludivine et Yann. Vous etes prêt à être parent.Notre soirée se passe toujours bien, comme d'hab!”
And 2 consecutive weekend seeing and going out with both of you, always been a great pleasure. We really have to do our part of visiting you two in your place. Wait til we change our battered trolley. We will be back on the road. Cross you toes.

Today, Gab & Sophia woke up earlier & waiting for the rain to pass. Expecting that perhaps Easter bunny still hid some goodies in our garden. Then, they eventually resigned & told me that, The magic bunny must be sick with flu due to the storm. As they have put together the puzzled story to soothe themselves.


Liza said...

awww! poor kids. the rain ruined everything :(

by the way i have a tag for you

happy monday!

maya said...

Yes,Liza.The hunt was ruined.though,they were surprised what's inside their egg.& they know that lateron some uncle would be visiting so more choco for them;)
About the tag thanks you,Liza.

Farah Deen said...

that's really a nice pic Maya. It must be fun egg hunting, provided the weather is good. Hope it's not too late to wish you and your family Happy easter too.

p.s: I tried to read those French words, and trust me- I love them! LOL of course, I dont understand, but even the wrong pronunciation of mine makes the language sexy! hahahahahah

Maya said...

Thank you, Farah. You always have been a dear.
Happy Easter, too.
French language can never be my forté. I actually start to hate it. I don’t feel sexy at all talking the language. It just gives me butterflies.But if it really interest you check the link i have.They are great!!Help me a lot.I did self-study.

Analyse said...

there was no egg hunting for louna too, it was snowing the whole day, darn!

Maya said...

We are not lucky this year for egg hunting then, Ana. Poor Louna... anyway, perhaps next year would be better.