Monday, March 31, 2008

Wrong Gown

You must be wondering what got into me talking about clothing line. In fact, I haven’t wrote any article belong to this one, nor written something which could indicate about my fashion preferences. Anyway, I will not talk about my fabric wraps.

I assure you, I have no intention to play as your fashion consultant here, telling you what cocktail body wrap you should be wearing in a particular occasion, if given a choice to choose.

“Wrong gown” is my own terminology…My adjective. Defining a person who assumes someone else’s persona that does not fit him/her and what more, to those who keep on blundering with acclimation about things that doesn’t exist on them.

If it was just some playing up, or some little fancy act for fun… you may count on me. Somehow, I see that they really tried to assumed someone else place and doing a career on it. Then to me, I see a person wearing a wrong gown.

I have no personal vendetta with them, it just that, I can’t help to be a bit neggie with their way. I would have just love to see them pick something that suit them, because everyone got something special that no mask nor gown could overpower their natural look , that’s their personality.

Writing this is not to provoke anybody but to make me release what pains me. Sadness I feel, for those people who doesn’t value their own worth and doesn’t understand that being an individual, we already stand out.


Gracey said...

You nailed it on the head, girl. People put on an act to make them look good. It's sad... really sad. Why can't we just be happy with what we have? Why do we have to always ask for more? Sounds an ingrate to me.

Analyse said...

so when will you visit me here in dijon and do a kind of relooking for me - i like the fashion sense and practicality rolled into one in you.. and hey, been a long time i havent seen a drawing like that ;)

Dhanggit said...

i agree with you maya..unfortunately there are tons of people on earth roaming around with too much pretensions..too bad!!

btw, i love gown designings!! i did design my weddign gown and friend's :-)

Maya said...

Sorry,girls took time to signed in. I've tried to a while ago, but it doesn't work, perhaps my account here have played April fools on me.

Anyway,Gracey & Dhanggit thank you both for agreeing on this,it counts to me.I only hope,these type of people awaken, & see that they are more stunning if they are wearing their true skin.

Gracey " Woman you got the word to cut someone in two.Hats off!"

Dhanggit, i would love to see your work.My sketch is not that good,This was my passion before but formal schooling.i haven't been doing for a long time.Love diff. fabrics,too-more on ethnic one.

Ana about the visiting,the trolley hasn't arrived yet,& papa is not taking a break this spring.We'll talk about it some time.
Regarding you relooking , i don't think you need help from you.I told you,i like the gypsy attire you put on-the color & cut compliment you.beside,you're more cosmo than i.

Farah Deen said...

Maya?!!!!!!!!! You could design gowns too? Are you kidding or you just want to be modest? totally awesome and you totally nailed it!

you should start on your own business Maya, when you have the talent, then, be bold and expose yourself.

Maya said...

Thanks farah.I dont really have diploma on it(designing).I was only 15 yr old doing it with my aunt who have a shop.
She thought me some trick or two; i was earning sometimes if some of her clients want my design. it was fun actually.
my interest now, lays in henna designing, do free hand design coz so bad with following rules & design,remember? Do i should modest?
thanks for agreeing on this article. meant so much to me. btw, how your princess now?

Liza said...

it's the right term for it. fitting talaga yun. maraming ganyan sis an it pisses me.

take care ;)

Maya said...

Thanks,Liza. i thought sometimes, i'm starting to be so critic, now. that the people i do like agreed with me. i feel more assured that it's not imagination only.